A bird's eye view of the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park in the northern city of Haiphong - PHOTO: VNA

The list includes over 50 industrial development projects, primarily focusing on industrial zones and logistics centers. Notably, the city is calling on international investors to get involved in the Lach Huyen logistics hub project at Haiphong Port, which will cover an initial area of 300-350 hectares, with potential for expansion to 500-650 hectares.

Foreign investment is also needed for 52 urban development projects, and five research and development projects. Each project ranges in size from five to 70 hectares.

In addition, Haiphong is seeking overseas investors for four projects in the tourism sector, four others in solid waste management, seven in healthcare and 10 in education.

The city is dedicated to creating a favorable business environment, enhancing infrastructure systems, and improving the quality of human resources to attract international investors.

Sourc: Saigon Times