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Ha DieuTrang is an alumna of Worcester Academy in the US. She was an English major at the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, but chose to study IT in university because she wanted to challenge herself in a field which was not her forte.

How much money will the state pour into schools for the gifted?

The State spends big money to build and operate schools for the gifted, but many people think it is a waste of resources.

Is it time to remove schools for the gifted in Vietnam?

Dr Nguyen Duc Thanh believes that the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted should be closed down or sold to private investors.

In Vietnam, ‘schools for the gifted’ mean 'schools for the rich’?

Whether to maintain schools for the gifted is an annual topic of discussion among many parents.

Vietnamese students learn about robotics in Israel

Twenty Vietnamese students from the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted and FPT High School are having a wonderful time while attending the Robotic Camp in Israel from August 6-11.

Vietnamese ‘golden boys’ at Asian Physics Olympiad share three traits

VietNamNet Bridge - All of the high school students who won gold medals at this year’s Asian Physics Olympiad (APO) have parents who work as teachers, prefer playing sports and usually do housework.

Should Vietnam increase the number of schools for the gifted?

VietNamNet Bridge - Educators believe that the restriction on the number of schools for the gifted in each province is no longer reasonable in new circumstances. Vietnam needs to have more schools to promote more talented students, he said.

The Hanoi student who loves mathematics

Nguyen Tuan Hoang is not only one of the five top scorers on the high school entrance exams with 18.75 of 20 score, but also placed first on the entrance exam to mathematics major class of the Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. 

Vietnamese 9x students accepted at Harvard choose other schools

VietNamNet Bridge - Hoang Quyen, 23, Tuong An, 18, and Thanh Tung, 24, have registered to study at other schools instead of Harvard, which accepted their applications.

Poor student wins silver medal in chemistry at ICO

Tran Dinh Hieu, the silver medal winner at the 2015 International Chemistry Olympiad (ICO), had to walk 10 kilometers every day from his house to school. He had a monthly allowance of only VND400,000 ($20) a month.