Hà Nội bác tin có 3.000 chốt kiểm soát dịch
The fake news on social networks.


On July 26, many forums on social networks shared the message: "Tomorrow morning, Hanoi will have about 3,000 checkpoints, with about 10 checkpoints in each ward. You must prepare your personal identification and documents proving that you go out for good reasons. Let's share the information!"

Colonel Tran Ngoc Duong confirmed that this information was untrue and completely fabricated. The police are searching for the account that posted the false news.

Since July 14, the Hanoi Police Agency has coordinated with other forces to set up 22 epidemic checkpoints at the capital city's gateways to control the entire flow of transport vehicles and those who enter and leave the city. On July 25, the agency deployed an additional checkpoint number 23 on National Highway 18.

These checkpoints work 24/7, divided into 4 shifts. Their tasks are controlling the means of transport and personal cars entering the city, ensuring security and order, and guiding and dividing traffic.

According to Directive 17/CT-UBND on social distancing, Hanoi authorities asked local people to stay at home and comply with regulations on disease prevention.

Citizens are allowed to go to the street only in case of necessity, including: buying food, medicine; emergency, medical examination and treatment; vaccination; going on official duty; and working at agencies and offices in case of combat duty, agency duty, supply of essential goods, handling of confidential documents.

Violators will be fined up to VND3 million.

Huong Quynh


Ministry orders intensifying handling of fake news on COVID-19

Ministry orders intensifying handling of fake news on COVID-19

The Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) on July 23 issued a document on intensifying the handling of fake news and untrue information about COVID-19 on the internet.