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Cyberspace scams escalate post-pandemic

The police reported that the number of traditional crime cases have been on the decrease, but cyberspace crime has increased sharply, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Vietnam’s advertising businesses needs a "Black List" to block toxic content

To avoid harmful advertising, companies should create a list of "toxic" content on the network (called a "blacklist").

Misinformation online influences, shapes public opinion

Many people spend hours a day surfing on Facebook, YouTube and TikTok at tea shops, cafes and other public areas, listening, reading and watching news and videos about important issues that have false information which misleads the public.

Disinformation online is appearing more frequently

Malicious information and toxic content have been appearing online at a higher frequency and in a more sophisticated manner.

Rape allegations on university's military training camp are fake news:University officials

Claims which surfaced on social media on Wednesday night about two female students being sexually assaulted on a military school campus are false, according to the military school and university officials.

Vietnam vows to eliminate false advertisements

With cooperation from the Ministry of Health (MOH), the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) has requested cross-border platforms to block exaggerated and untrue ads.

MIC issues handbook to prevent 'fake news'

The handbook released by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) serves as an important tool to help the community of users to recognize false news, thereby joining forces to eliminate fake news and false news on cyberspace.

Fake news, rumors can severely destroy businesses

The popular use of social networks nowadays offers a great way for news to spread widely and quickly.

Ministry handles 'fake news', social-media sites resembling newspapers

The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) has joined agencies to handle violations on cyberspace, including fake news and social networks behaving as if they are newspapers or magazines.

Rumors of sharp consumer price rises denied

The head of the Price Statistics Department at the General Statistics Office (GSO), Nguyen Thu Oanh, has rejected rumors that consumer prices have soared 10-20% this year.

Vingroup chairman not on no-fly list: MPS

Vingroup chairman Pham Nhat Vuong is not on the no-fly list, said Lieutenant General To An Xo, office chief and spokesperson of the Ministry of Public Security, effectively rejecting recent rumors about this matter as false.

Handling of harmful information needs joint efforts: NA deputies

The removal of harmful information on social networks as a countermeasure requires the involvement of competent agencies as well as the close coordination among State management agencies, legislators have said.

Ministry of Public Security to deal with those who spread false economic news

The Ministry of Public Security will continue to verify, investigate and strictly punish those who spread false and inaccurate information causing public concern and hurting economic, financial, monetary and investment security.

Four people found posting false news related to SCB Bank, An Dong Company

Those accounts gave fake information related to Saigon Commercial Joint Stock Bank (SCB) and An Dong Investment Group Corporation.

ASEAN Task Force on Anti-Fake News established

The establishment of the ASEAN task force on the prevention of fake news is an initiative of Vietnam.

Vingroup-affiliated stocks regain ground after rumor refuted

The VIC, VHM, VRE stocks of the Vingroup family fell sharply yesterday morning after a rumor about an overseas travel ban on Vingroup chairman Pham Nhat Vuong had been circulating on social media.

Nine face punishment for spreading false information about Vingroup Chairman

The Ministry of Public Security is investigating nine people in seven cities and provinces for spreading rumors saying Pham Nhat Vuong, Chairman of Vingroup, a private conglomerate, had been banned from travelling abroad.

Official arrests, and strange rumors

While officials are being detained for investigation, false rumors are often disseminated. The Ministry of Public Security (MPS) has many times had to deny the rumors.

Fake news, malicious information spread mostly via Google, Facebook

Some foreign companies providing cross-border services to Vietnam are still not preventing malicious information on their platforms.

Information saying Russian singer arrested for protesting war in Ukraine is fake news

Police of Da Lat city in Lam Dong province on May 3 announced the information saying that a Russian singer was arrested in Da Lat for protesting the war in Ukraine was false.