Many pavements in Hanoi were upgraded in 2017 with natural stone which municipal authorities at that time claimed could last for 50 to 70 years.

However many pavements on Nguyen Chi Thanh, Tran Duy Hung and Nguyen Trai streets in Cau Giay and Thanh Xuan districts have faced serious deterioration just a year after being put into use, making pavements unsafe for pedestrians.

Explaining the quick deterioration of the pavement, the department mentioned improper design, low-quality stone, bad construction and maintenance.

"Many projects have failed to study the conditions of the pavement and surroundings, resulting in ordering unsuitable stone sizes," the department explained. "The quality of stones was also a problem. Inspections have found out that many stones were of low quality and easily damaged. Then the construction and maintenance work didn't meet requirements."

According to the department, the pavements are for pedestrians only, but many become parking places for heavily-loaded trucks or see cars and motorbikes running on during peak hours, which is among causes for the pavement deterioration.

The department has proposed to the city government carefully study each street condition for future projects, and only use natural stone for areas that meet the requirements.

Source: Dtinews