Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi.



Hanoi has been making a lot of efforts to preserve its lakes, which are considered its "green lungs", over the recent years as the majority of those lakes have been polluted.

Hanoi is known as the city of lakes thanks to hundreds of lakes dotting its urban map. So far, the determination of the municipal government in cleaning up the water of 90 lakes downtown and 50 suburban lakes have been highly valued by local people. The water quality has met the standards, the lakes’ water is clear and free from unpleasant smell.

The system of lakes in Hanoi plays a very important role in the city's socio-economic development, apart from being historical sites, the lakes perform vital functions such as regulating rainwater, minimizing inundation, creating scenic landscapes, among others.

Prominent among the scenic landscapes and historical sites are Hoan Kiem Lake (considered the heart of Hanoi) and West Lake. In the city's master plan to 2030, with a vision to 2050, West Lake is at the center of the urban area and plays a particularly important role in the capital city’s urban development strategy.

Hanoi’s lakes are contributing to the city’s socio-economic development through entertainment services and events, including Bay Mau, Bach Thao, Thanh Cong, Thu Le, among others, generating income to the city’s coffers.

It can be said that lakes are the lungs of the capital and bring a peaceful, green, clean and pleasant environment for Hanoi’s residents.

Protecting lakes in the capital city is a must

The industrialization and modernization process in Hanoi has seriously polluted the environment in general and the water environment in particular.

According to a report by the Center for Environmental Community and Research (CECR), only 2% of 120 lakes and ponds in Hanoi meet the quality standards.

Water pollution has been causing serious harm to the lake ecosystem, destroying the landscape and environment, directly affecting the lives of people in the city. Therefore, lake water treatment has been an urgent issue of Hanoi.

The Hanoi government needs to keep taking synchronous solutions to improve the technical infrastructure system around the lake, according to some residents.

Besides, it is necessary to step up the treatment of environmental pollution for lakes in order to maintain the quality of lake water.

The local government should focus on raising people's awareness on environmental protection such as abstaining from dumping garbage and discharging sewage into lakes.

Each Hanoian should protect the living environment in general and the lake environment in particular with specific actions: "Say no to littering and waste dumping into the lake". Hanoitimes

Anh Kiet-Cong Trinh

Local man cleans up village polluted lake

Local man cleans up village polluted lake

A man and his children in Hanoi have donated VND1.8bn (USD77,800) to clean up a polluted lake in their village and built a small public park.

Na Hang Lake a smaller version of Ha Long Bay

Na Hang Lake a smaller version of Ha Long Bay

Marvelous rock structures jut out of Na Hang Lake in the northern province of Tuyen Quang, looking like the more famous Ha Long Bay.