According to Deputy Director of the HCM City Tax Department Thai Minh Giao, the department has collected taxes and fines worth VND169 billion ($7.26 million) from 38 individuals who earned incomes through Google in H1/2022. These people failed to file their tax returns in time.

One of them had to pay VND31 billion VND in taxes and fines. In addition, the local tax body also detected a partner of Google in Vietnam that manages and produce digital content for several YouTube channels in Vietnam that did not pay tax. This firm had to pay arrears and fines of VND24.3 billion (over $1 million).

Based on information provided by four commercial banks, the tax body found organizations and individuals that generate income from Google with a total amount of over $51.2 million and VND21.4 billion.

According to Giao, the HCM City Tax Department has asked for commercial banks to provide data of transactions from abroad to organizations and individuals in the city who receive income from foreign organizations like Google, Apple, Netflix... for providing services on digital platforms.

The HCM City Tax Department is trying to intensify dissemination and guide organisations and individuals involved in e-commerce to voluntarily fulfill their obligation of tax declaration and payment in accordance with regulations.
Hanh Nguyen