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Tax evasion charges for Asanzo’s Shark Tam amid long-standing controversies

Mr. Pham Van Tam, known for the rapid growth of the "Made in Vietnam" Asanzo TV brand, has been involved in multiple scandals concerning product origins, taxes, and fertilizer projects, leading to significant trouble over the years.

Vietnam rejects claims of cracking down on environmentalists

These cases involved the violation of Vietnamese laws, and the individuals have been investigated, prosecuted and brought to trial in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.

CHANGE's Hoang Thi Minh Hong sentenced to three years in prison for tax fraud

Hồng has admitted guilty in court and her family has returned VNĐ3.5 billion ($143,430) for leniency.

Profits from advertising flow into pockets of foreign OTT companies

Cross-border OTT television services are competing unfairly with Vietnamese firms, analysts say.

Vietnamese tax agency asks Netflix to pay taxes

The General Department of Taxation has sent an official dispatch requesting Netflix to fulfill its tax declaration and payment obligations in accordance with Vietnamese tax law.

Lenders juggle with tax info obligations

Cybercriminals and exposure of account information remain significant barriers for all stakeholders, with commercial banks now required to identify and collect holding information of customers to relevant authorities to fulfil tax obligations.

Earning millions of USD from Google, HCM City resident has to pay $1.3 million in tax

A person in HCM City has had to pay tax arrears and fines worth VND31 billion (US$1.3 million) for his earnings from Google without paying personal income tax.

Payment via bank transfer: compulsory for real estate transaction, ministry proposes

The Ministry of Finance has proposed a regulation be brought in to ensure payments for all real estate transactions are carried out via bank...

Vietnam to strictly handle tax 'dodging' of cross-border platforms

Local tax authorities are closely monitoring activities and collecting cash flow data of cross-border platforms such as Facebook, Google, and YouTube, and strictly handling tax fraud.

Taxing cross-border platforms: Vietnam tries to fight losses

Cross-border businesses providing services directly to individual users earn huge revenue from Vietnamese customers but they have not paid taxes to Vietnam.

FDI companies report losses: signs of transfer pricing, tax evasion

The number of foreign-invested (FDI) firms doing business at a profit in 2020 accounted for only 40.2%, while 56% reported losses.

Ministry extends probe into Thai sugar’s evasion of trade remedies by two months

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has decided to extend the investigation into the evasion of trade remedies for sugar products originating from Thailand by two months. 

Vietnam taxes tech giants US$43.7 mln annually

Vietnam has taxed global tech companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft an average of over 1 trillion VND (43.71 million USD) annually for their cross-border goods and services between 2018 and 2021

Increasing tax evasion in e-commerce

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a boom in e-commerce in Vietnam since consumers shift their spending habits towards online platforms. However, as online sales continue to grow, so does tax evasion.

Tax tweak puts strain on apparel makers

On-spot exports are now not subject to duty exemption, possibly derailing the recovery of textile and footwear companies.

Tax evasion questions raised as 55% of FDI enterprises report losses

Numerous FDI enterprises have reported losses over the course of several years, despite continuing to expand production and business activities, along with an annual increase in revenue, thereby causing losses and damage to the state budget.

Rules needed to manage Facebook in Vietnam

The management of Facebook and other cross-border social networks need to have specialized rules to enable the fair development of all social networks.

Tax administration of personal transactions with YouTube, Facebook, Google, Amazon to be tightened

The tax authority will coordinate with commercial banks to manage taxes with cash flow in and out of digital platforms such as YouTube, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix arising from transactions in Vietnam, including from individuals.

Steam, Netflix do business in Vietnam without paying taxes

Territories are subject to different tax rates by Steam, but Vietnam is not included, although this platform has subsidized Vietnamese users since 2017.

Local firms still not aware of anti-dumping investigations

While local export products have been facing more anti-dumping investigations and tax evasion cases in foreign countries, Vietnamese enterprises are still unaware of the risk.