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A corner of Phan Xich Long Street.

The street is 1.50 kilometres long, running from the junction of Phan Xich Long-Phan Dang Luu to Van Kiep Street, stretching through wards 1, 2 and 7 in Phu Nhuan Distric. It is home to 250 business stalls and restaurants.

The street’s pavement has been resurfaced, and part of the pavement will be used as a paid parking lot.

It has a new lighting system and electric buses will be available to serve tourists.

The street is open until midnight every day.

The street’s entire operation will be managed through the Phan Xich Long Culinary app. The app will connect management agencies, business owners, and diners. Business owners will input information about their operations, address, menu and food prices on the app.

The management will be based on this information. For instance, an automatic reminder will be sent when the restaurant’s food safety certificate expires. Diners can search for restaurants, make reservations, select dishes, view prices and make payments through the app.

Located some 10-minute drive from Ben Thanh Market in District 1, Phan Xich Long Food Street is expected to help attract more tourists to HCM City.

Source: Dtinews