HCM City is taking steps toensure traffic safety and order. 



What is the status of traffic safety in the city?

According to statistics from the city’s Police Department, in the first eight months of the year, traffic accidents have dropped. In particular, the city had 2,275 traffic accidents during the time, causing 416 deaths and 1,589 injuries, a reduction of 92 traffic accidents, 24 deaths and 22 injuries, compared to the same period last year.

However, traffic congestion in the city still occurs, especially at Cát Lái Port, Tân Sơn Nhất Airport and city centre areas.

There are many causes of traffic disorder. One of the significant causes is the rapid increase in personal vehicles. There is still no solution to control the situation. In addition, people’s awareness of traffic safety and order is still poor.  

According to statistics from the city’s Traffic Safety Board, most serious traffic accidents are caused by drivers.

Over 92 per cent of traffic accidents are related to low traffic safety awareness of the drivers of vehicles.

The inspection and handling of violations of roadside order in some localities are not maintained regularly. Encroaching on roadbeds for trading and illegal parking are still happening in many places.

More than 92 per cent of traffic accidents involve drivers' lack of awareness. What should be done to remedy this?

The city’s authority considers raising awareness about obeying traffic laws as the most important task. To raise awareness, it is necessary to have the cooperation of related units such as districts’ Traffic Safety Boards, city's Department of Traffic, Department of Education and Training and Department of Information and Communication.

The city and districts’ Traffic Safety Boards will be responsible for traffic order and safety.

The City Union and Department of Education and Training will disseminate information about traffic safety among young people and students so they will obey traffic laws.

In addition, the city’s Traffic Safety Board will direct districts to strengthen communications to local people, and increase inspections to enhance traffic safety.

Are there any solutions to ensure traffic safety in school areas?

The city authorities will work with functional units to implement many solutions to ensure traffic safety in school areas.

Units will increase inspections and install more traffic and warning signs, barriers, and traffic lights on the roads nearby school areas.

These will be adjusted in coordination with local units. VNS