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After a long gloomy period due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ho Chi Minh City has seen an increasing demand for MICE tourism (meeting, incentive, convention, exhibition) from both Vietnamese and foreign customers.

HCM City to launch Saigon River cruise

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Tourism is planning to launch a three-hour cruise tour along the Saigon River that is expected to be among key tourism products in the area this year.

An ancient cultural space in HCMC’s downtown

Besides modern characteristics as the country’s biggest economic hub, HCMC also boasts of ancient historical, cultural and artistic values of the southern region, with the Tomb of Le Van Duyet or the Tomb of the Marshal being a typical example.

Helicopter tours of HCM City officially go on sale

TST tourist company has officially launched its first helicopter tour known as “Ho Chi Minh City From Above", with tickets being put up for sale on April 21 at a price of roughly VND4 million.

Dumpling street may become another pedestrian road in HCM City

People are excited about the news that Ha Ton Quyen Street, known as the “street of dumplings”, will become the fourth pedestrian street in HCM City in 2022.

Food tours in Vietnam voted among best in the world

Exploring HCM City’s street food on a motorbike has been selected as one of the top food experiences in the whole world.

Examples of French colonial architecture in Saigon

The HCMC Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of HCMC are among the buildings with typical French architecture in Saigon. 

Saigon listed as one of the cheapest beer cities in the world

The financial comparison site Finder has published a list of 10 cities in the world where travelers can enjoy the most affordable glasses of beer, including HCM City, Vietnam’s largest metropolis.

HCM City's coastal Can Gio District revives economy by launching eco-tourism tours, opening night markets

The outlying district of Can Gio in HCM City is becoming an ideal eco-destination for stressed-out urbanites to visit on two-day, one-night tours as it is considered one of the safest places in the city amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

One-day trip to Saigon’s suburbs

Binh Chanh—a suburban district of HCMC—is an ideal destination for travelers who are nature- and culture-lovers.

The most expensive Vietnamese banh mi brands in Saigon

Banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich) is considered a cheap and popular street food in Vietnam. But there are many exceptional banh mi brands that are much more expensive than others.

300-year-old temple in middle of Saigon River with historical mysteries

Phu Chau Temple is located in the middle of Vam Thuat River, a branch of Saigon River. This site contains stunning physical features as well as mysteries related to historical events.

HCM City launches series of new tours for year-end

HCM City plans to launch a series of new tourism products to stimulate demand during the New Year and Tet (Lunar New Year).

HCM City people enjoy Saigon River at night with public waterbus

The river buses are not simply a means of commuting between locations but also highlight a journey through the city’s past, present and future.

Why are thousands of Japanese visitors drawn to a special hotel room in Vietnam?

Thousands of people inquire about this room each year. When Japanese tourists come to HCM City, the room's unique history draws their attention.

HCM City creates more inner-city tourism activities

A number of routes with tourism destinations within HCM City have been created to encourage inner-city travel.

HCM City proposes three-phase pilot plan to welcome international tourists

HCM City has just proposed a pilot plan to welcome back foreign tourists from December after a long closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Customers' preferences are remembered at 90-year-old bread store

Each patron’s favorite bread is so well remembered, the seller, without help from a menu or any other kind of solicitation from the client, can recall their preferences by just looking at their face.

HCM City plans to welcome international visitors later this year

Ho Chi Minh City is anticipated to welcome the return of foreign visitors with vaccine passports this December instead of 2022 as planned, according to local authorities.

"Hong Kong" in the land of Can Gio

In cyberspace, travel-loving young adults have recently shared a series of Hong Kong-style cinematic photographs captured in Can Gio, HCM City.