While recognizing that it uses more workers than allowed, it said if the city did not do this, it would not have enough personnel to fulfill assigned political tasks.

Like other cities and provinces nationwide, HCM City has returned to new normal conditions and the workload has been increasing day by day, thus putting pressure on civil servants, public employees and workers, which may lead to mistakes during task implementation.

To create favorable conditions for the city to fulfill its political tasks, improve services to people and develop the city; and overcome shortcomings in management of personnel, city authorities have asked the government to recognize the current number of personnel, and recognize the workers approved by the city’s People’s Council in 2022.

Explaining the proposal, HCM City said it is a special city with outstanding growth, and in order to continue to grow and gain bigger achievements, it needs to have special solutions to overcome challenges.

One of the solutions is that the city needs to improve state management quality, and one of the most important factors needed to implement the solution is having sufficient staff in quantity and quality.

Recently, at a working session with the HCM City People’s Committee, Minister of MHA Pham Thi Thanh Tra said that five years after Party Central Committee released the resolution on personnel streamlining, the city still has 5,705 redundant civil servants and public employees.

“HCM City is the only locality in the country which still has redundant civil servants and public employees compared with the number of staff assigned to it,” Tra said.

The HCM City Department of Home Affairs reported that the total number of civil servants on the payroll that the central government set for HCM City is 10,869, but the actual number approved by the city People’s Council is 14,470.

Similarly, the number of staff assigned by the city People’s Council to the city is 99,985, higher than the number assigned by the central government of 97,881.

MHA has proposed a workforce of 242,372 workers for state agencies and administrative organizations in 2022-2026.

In July, Permanent member of the Party Central Committee's Secretariat Vo Van Thuong signed Politburo Decision 71 which says the total payroll of the political system would be 2,234,720 in 2022-2026.

Thu Hang