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The scientific research by Dr Pham Bich Hanh and her co-workers gives a new perspective on sam dai hanh (Eleutherine bulbosa) and endemic species in Indochina which are grown in Vietnam.

Vietnam not satisfied about medicinal herb preservation

Though it has a diverse medicinal ecosystem, Vietnam still finds it difficult developing its medicinal herb treasury.

Teachers make activated carbon from wild plants

VietNamNet Bridge - The activated carbon made from Gleicheniaceae, a species of forked ferns, has carbon content 2-3 times higher than other activated carbon products available in the market, with a value equal to imports.

Doctor develops multi-billion VND herb cultivation area

Dr Nguyen Thi Thuy Huong is the first scientist who has successfully optimized the root system, growing the precious plant on a large scale. 

Scientists identify strong cancer killer in Central Highlands’ forest

An active element in the dinh tung (Cephalotaxaceae) plant has been found to inhibit the development of many kinds of diseases, including lung, liver, epithelium and breast cancer.

Can cosmetics manufacturers make money in Vietnam?

VietNamNet Bridge - For new cosmetic brands which remain little known, it is not easy to make money. 

Female doctor’s research on gac fruit shows promise for cancer treatment

Gac fruit (Momordica cochinchinensis) contains substances which can kill 85-90 percent of cancer cells, especially skin and breast cancer, according to a researcher. 

Ministries to develop medicinal herb genetic sources

The ministries will compile a law on genetic source conservation which covers issues related to the development of genetic sources, knowledge about medicinal herbs and intellectual protection for remedies using traditional medicinal herbs.

Chemist turns herbs into precious medicine

Ba Thị Cham, MA, a female scientist, has created 20 health care products, seven of which have been transferred to enterprises. All of them are synthesized from herbs.

The ‘Tibet room’ full of cordyceps mushrooms in Hanoi

VietNamNet Bridge - A 30-square meter room misty with steam in the middle of Hanoi is the site where a famous scientist discovered a way of cultivating cordyceps militaris. 

Farmers grow more medicinal plants to tap VN's herbal treasure

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam is one of 15 countries on the world’s medicinal herb map. However, the priceless treasure has not been exploited in an effective and sustainable way.

Vietnam seeks way to produce herbal medicine

VietNamNet Bridge - Hoan Ngoc (Pseuderanthemum) is on a list of 47 medicinal plants subject to priority development announced by the Ministry of Health.

Destroying forest to seek rare herbs

The Central Highlands is favored with various varieties of rare herbs. However, the resources of herbs in this region are getting exhaust when thousands of people are flocking into the jungle to exploit them.

Ancient tea trees hunted high and low because they bring luck

People have been rummaging through Lam Dong province for ancient tea trees, which can enrich them overnight. The trees can be sold for up to tens of millions of dong to the rich people who have ornamental tree collections.