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Vietnamese student makes smart glasses for the blind

The glasses can recognize Vietnamese language and read content aloud for users with a high accuracy rate of up to 89 percent.

Street air filter created by student prevents fine dust pollution

The machine can filter air on streets and can even prevent fine dust, which is dangerous to human health.

Study pressure: how much is enough for VN students?

The image of mother and daughter embracing each other and crying in front of the examination compound that appeared in local newspapers was a haunting moment for parents.

Parents advised to begin sex and gender education at early age

Alarmed about the increasing adolescent abortion rate and the average age of the first sexual experience, experts have urged parents to begin giving sex and gender education lessons to their children at an early age.

Are Vietnamese students too "excellent"?

Prof Van Nhu Cuong, a renowned educator, finds it surprising that thousands of primary school graduates got a perfect 10/10 score from the year-end Vietnamese language and math exams. 

Vietnam lacks risk management procedures in schools

VietNamNet Bridge - The case of a female high school student who was severely burned after a chemistry lab experiment shows that schools lack sufficient risk management procedures.

Vendor who turns down overseas study serves local, int'l community

Leaving his home village for Hanoi with his parents when he was in the fifth grade, Pham Minh Hoa now speaks English fluently. He founded an international volunteers’ organization for which he serves as a Vietnamese ambassador.