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VietNamNet Bridge - Most schools in large cities have reported that 90 percent of their students are considered excellent, a figure described as “abnormally high”.

Vietnam dreams of exporting education services

VietNamNet Bridge - Education exports are a “multi-billion dollar industry”. Why doesn’t Vietnam think of exporting its education services?

Exam reform leads to closing of exam-preparation centers

VietNamNet Bridge - University entrance-exam preparation centers, which mushroomed in number some years ago, will be shut down because of a new exam regulation.

Emulation movements spoil teachers

VietNamNet Bridge - In order to obtain high prizes and emulation titles, which can bring fame and higher pay, many teachers are willing to cheat at competitions. Students will be expelled if they cheat at exams, but teachers will not.

District’s chair refuses 100 scholarships for poor students for fear for lawsuits

VietNamNet Bridge - The chair of Yen Lap District, a poor locality in the northern province of Phu Tho, has refused 100 scholarships offered to local poor students to avoid possible disputes.

Schools add more extracurricular activities to enhance student self-reliance

VietNamNet Bridge - General schools in big cities have been integrating extracurricular activities into their training programs to help students become more self-reliant and dynamic.

Higher university tuition means fewer opportunities for the poor

VietNamNet Bridge - Both people-founded and state-owned universities are planning to raise tuition, causing concern among millions of Vietnamese students.

Students, teachers want more time to prepare for high school exams

VietNamNet Bridge - The Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has asked high schools to continue the teaching schedule until May 31, but teachers and students say they need more time to prepare for upcoming high school exams.

Educators question suspension of students after beating incident

In the wake of the decision to suspend students who assaulted a classmate, educators say they are unsure about how to handle such serious situations.

Schools must take responsibility for increase in violent incidents

VietNamNet Bridge – Experts have voiced their concerns over escalating school violence, but few solutions have been proposed and agencies cannot agree on how to punish the perpetrators.

Troubled students lack information about psychological counseling

VietNamNet Bridge –  Psychological counseling in schools has not been an official part of the education program and students still do not know where to turn when they experience difficulties in life.

Fraudulent school “services” offered on the internet

VietNamNet Bridge – So-called black school services are increasing on the internet - attending class for others, sitting exams under others’ names and forging student cards and university degrees.

Teachers say new student-assessment method difficult to implement

VietNamNet Bridge – The Ministry of Education and Training’s decision to require teachers to assess student work with comments rather than grades has met with opposition.

State-owned schools aim to improve quality by reducing class size

Hanoi and HCM City education departments have vowed to reduce the number of students per class at high schools to improve training quality. But this will also have the effect of narrowing access to these schools.

Student threatened with expulsion for being absent at music event

VietNamNet Bridge – A headmaster at a HCM City school threatened to expel a student from school for missing a music performance. 

Are parents telling children to ignore school violence?

VietNamNet Bridge – The escalation of school violence has been partially blamed on the people’s indifference. Students believe that it is not their business to intervene in others’ business

High school students in large cities warned about psychological stress

VietNamNet Bridge – Scientists say that excessive study could be the cause of high school students’ mental health problems.

Cash-strapped student-inventors seek scholarships to fund research

PIV-VK is the team name of three students from Da Nang University of Technology, who have become famous after winning major prizes at national student technology innovation competitions.

Teachers partly to blame for increased school violence

VietNamNet Bridge – Teachers’ harsh language and rude behavior toward students are believed to be the seeds of school violence.

Education Ministry's proposed regulations on national exams unpopular with public

The 2015 exam finals will take place in six months, but things are still in a stir and a jumble. Students disagree about many new regulations the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) has attempted to set.