The baby hippo weighs 25 kilos at birth.

This is the first time in eight years that a hippo has successfully given birth at Dam Sen. One month after giving birth, the health of both the mother hippo and her calf has been stable. However, visitors have not yet been allowed to visit the newborn hippo to ensure its safety.

According to Pham Tong Quoc Cuong, the hippo was sent to Dam Sen Cultural Park from Dai Nam Zoo and Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden.

During the pregnancy, the mother hippo was carefully looked after. One month before giving birth, the parents were separated to ensure the care of the calf.

To date, the baby hippo weighs roughly 30 kilos. The calf should be on show to the public in the next two months.

The hippo is listed among the endangered species in need of preservation and the park is dedicated to the survival of the species.

Source: Dtinews