Update news hobby

In Nghia Nguyen's home in HCM City, animal bones that give off a ghostly look sometimes frightens people who aren't used to the sight.

An uncommon trend for the well-off to entertain themselves

A hobby once reserved for the upper class is now becoming an interesting activity for plant enthusiasts: collecting camellia.

Tiny bags a doll’s best friend

Making handbags for dolls may seem an odd pursuit for a man, but for Nguyen Le Lam Doan it provides him with a stable income from orders as far away as Australia and the US.

A hobby for a better work-life balance

VietNamNet Bridge – The rapid growth of the Internet has turned the world into a smaller and more connected place. Postal services, therefore, are getting less popular.

Businessmen and the ivory-item collecting hobby

VietNamNet Bridge - If Mr. Le, the owner of a wood furniture company, collects ivory items because "ivory represents the gentleman," his fellow businessman said that collecting ivory items is the "first-class hobby."

What Vietnamese millionaires spend money on?

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese millionaires are rich enough to spend billions of dong on a bird cage, millions of dong on a Canadian gooey duck, or thousands of dollars on tiny shrimps.