hoi an named as best destination for digital nomads picture 1

This comes after Travel Off Path, a world-leading indie travel news source, recently published an article briefly looking into some of the reasons behind the historic town’s popularity.

First of all, Travel Off Path noted that Vietnam as a whole is currently an incredibly trendy destination for Western travelers.

“Thanks to the attractive consumer prices, they are able to have a much higher quality of life relocating to this Southeast Asian country, and the relaxed visa policies have made it easier for them to stay longer without resorting to once-a-month visa runs,” it noted.

The source also revealed that the country is full of gorgeous resort cities, nature preserves, and vibrant metropolises such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, to name a couple.

“So the fact that Hoi An, of all places, has topped this particular ranking begs the question,” it stressed.

According to Travel Off Path, Hoi An is probably the prettiest town nationwide, boasting eclectic architecture which means visitors are likely to stumble upon pagoda-topped bridges as they are European-built colonial-style houses.

It also quoted a new study as sayings that Hoi An posts a score of 73.94 out of 100, the most out of all destinations assessed. As expected, the Vietnamese gem is commended for its low cost of living, with particularly low prices observed for food and rent, a plethora of coworking spaces, and a friendly attitude towards guests.

“In Nomad List, the most reliable platform for tracking digital nomad trends, Hoi An has received near-perfect ratings for its amazing, balmy weather, food safety, which is a big concern for travelers across Vietnam where food poisoning is a common concern, and lack of crime,” the travel news source said.

It highlighted that Vietnamese locals are truly some of the most welcoming and kind people in all of Asia. Irrespective of their economic situation, they have unshakable moral standards.

“Of course, nomads love Hoi An in particular for how cheap it is to live in: we're talking US$840 a month, accommodation and daily expenses included, and that's far less than rent alone in any popular U.S. or Western European city,” Travel Off Path concluded.