Adrian is proud about Hoi An’s commitment to not consume dog meat


The information that Hoi An City People’s Committee signed with FOUR PAWS a commitment on not using dog and cat meat for food has caught the special attention from the public. While people and travelers have shown their support and agreement, business households are worried about their livelihoods.

Having lived worked in Vietnam for several years and eating Vietnamese food, Ilya Levchenko, 26, from Ukraine said thst seeing dog meat sold on streets made him shiver.

“I once got lost on a street in Ha Dong, Hanoi, where dog meat was sold in abundance. This was a nightmare for me when witnessing dogs being slaughtered,” he said.

“I understand that eating dog meat is part of your culture and humans eat animals to survive. But dogs are special, they are friendly and loyal,” he said.

He was glad to hear that Hoi An has become the first city in Vietnam that has said ‘no’ to dog meat.

“Wow, it’s really good news. I heard that Hoi An is very beautiful and peaceful. With Hoi An saying ‘no’ to dog meat, I am more excited about visiting Hoi An,” he said.

Adrian John Leeds, of the UK, said he has never seen dishes made of dog meat, but he often sees dogs stuck in metal cages on the streets.

“Dogs are very intelligent and can feel what humans cannot. I am absolutely against the unnecessary killing of animals,” he said.

The young man lives with a dog named Chewy and considers Chewy as a family member. “I will be very disappointed if Chewy becomes a meal for someone,” he said.

Adrian has been to Hoi An many times and loves the city. He is proud about Hoi An’s commitment to not consume dog meat.

Anna, 32, a Russian traveler, said she gave a score of 10 to Hoi An as the city has committed not to consume dog and cat meat.

“I don’t raise dogs and cats, but I never use the meat of animals for food. They are friends of humans,” she said.

Vietnamese also lauded Hoi An’s decision.

“I love dogs. It’s great that Hoi An has committed not to eat dog and cat meat,” Thu Huong from Hanoi said, adding that she hopes Hanoi will follow the move.

HoiAn residents are happy about the decision. Nguyen Thi Kim Hoa, 59, from Cam Ha commune said her family members never eat dog or cat meat.

“Our dog which lived with us for 10 years died last year and my daughter cried all the time. It was our friend and we felt sad when it died,” she said.

Ho Phuoc Thien, 55, who was seen playing with two dogs, a 10-year and 7-year-old, said it was the right decision.

“Dogs are beloved by people all over the world,” he said.

Shop owners

The owners of dog meat shops in Hoi An said they are facing difficulties because of the municipal authorities’ decision.

Nguyen Van Thanh, the owner of Thanh Bac Dog Meat Shop, said he has heard about Hoi An’s commitment, but he is still serving dog meat dishes at his shop.

His shop, operational since 2003, receives nearly 100 clients each day. The shop is a major source of revenue for his family for many years.

“We will have to observe decisions by the municipal authorities, but there should be solutions for us to shift to other business,” Thanh said.

Thuong, 34, the owner of Ha Thanh Dog Meat Shop on Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, also said he still doesn’t know what he would do if he has to shut down the shop, which is the income for his 4-member family.


Cong Sang - Linh Trang

Hoi An is first locality to commit not to eat dog and cat meat

Hoi An is first locality to commit not to eat dog and cat meat

Hoi An ancient town on December 10 held an online signing ceremony with the FOUR PAWS organization on its commitment to eliminate the use of dog and cat meat. 

Hoi An lights up to welcome New Year

Hoi An lights up to welcome New Year

Hoi An ancient town will host a lantern festival with a kaleidoscope of activities, including lantern arrangements, artistic performances, “A night on the Hoai River”, and floating floral garlands to welcome in the New Year.