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NA excludes household businesses from Enterprise Law

The National Assembly (NA) approved the revised Enterprise Law at its ongoing ninth sitting this morning, June 17, which excludes household businesses.

Setting rules for household businesses poses questions

Regulating household businesses in Viet Nam is posing several problems as lawmakers debate whether the rules should be included in the amended Law on Enterprise or developed into separate legislation.


Household businesses to be regulated: NA deputies

A number of National Assembly (NA) deputies agreed household businesses should be subject to the amended Law on Enterprises yesterday.

Revised Law on Enterprises to add household business regulations

Vietnam has considered adding regulations of household business to the revised Law on Enterprises that is set to be submitted to the National Assembly for approval in October.

One million successful enterprises by 2020 is achievable

Vu Tien Loc, chairman of the Viet Nam Chamber of Commerce and Industry tells the Cong Thuong (Trade and Commerce) newspaper that the target of having a million successful enterprises by 2020 is feasible.