HCM City’s mayor has signed a decision on applying a set of indicators to assess the risks for coronavirus infection (CRLN) at enterprises in the city.



The risk level of enterprises is assessed based on 10 major elements (E) with the maximum score of 10 given to each element. It is calculated with the formula CRLD = (E1+E2+...+E10)/100.

The elements include the number of workers and density of workers per square meter in workshops, the distance between workers in the commons, the number of workers going to factories on enterprises’ coaches, the organization of production shifts, and others.

If CRLN is below 10 percent, this means the risk at the enterprise is low and it can keep operating. If the CRLN is 80-100 percent, this means high risk and it must suspend operation.

Experts have applauded the measured taken by HCM City authorities on risk assessment and management, believing that this is the first important step to run the economy safely.

Dang Dinh Dao, former director of the Institute of Economic Research and Development Studies, praised the risk assessment method, believing that this is the first important step for the city to run the economy safely. 

Under the Prime Minister’s instructions, enterprises will be able to maintain production only if they can satisfy the requirements to prevent the coronavirus spread.

Believing that other cities and provinces should follow HCM City in applying this method, Dao emphasise some things that need to be done to ensure safety in running the economy.

First, enterprises need to organize production, arrange workers and design production shifts in a reasonable way, so as to both ensure optimal productivity and social distancing.

Second, it is necessary for enterprises to restructure to remove difficulties in their supply chains.

He said the epidemic is seriously affecting enterprises’ markets and supply chains.

Third, make the most of the domestic market. The domestic market is large enough for enterprises to exploit. Instead of reserving best products for export, enterprises now should prioritize the domestic market.

Fourth, it is necessary to change the ways of selling products by going online. It’s time to use IT and 4.0 technologies in production and business.

Fifth, the State needs to adjust policies to adapt to new circumstances. For a long period, food security has meant ‘rice security’, but in fact, food and foodstuff must be included.

When African Swine Fever (ASF) occurred, the Chinese government used national pork reserves to stabilize the market. But Vietnam’s national reserves don’t include this product.

Mai Lan


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