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VinFast leadership change: Billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong works as CEO

Vietnamese billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong, founder and chairman of Vingroup JSC – VinFast parent company - has just assumed his new role as Chief Executive Officer of VinFast, the leading electric vehicle manufacturer in Vietnam.

Dollar billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong’s son appears before the public

Pham Nhat Quan Anh, the son of the Vietnamese first dollar billionaire recognized by Forbes, is deputy CEO of VinFast, a subsidiary of Vingroup specializing in manufacturing electric vehicles (EV).

Dollar billionaire donates battery-manufacturing company to automaker

Just several months after the announcement of non-refundable aid of $1 billion to VinFast from his private assets, Pham Nhat Vuong has announced his donation of a battery company to the automobile manufacturer.

How rich is billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong now?

The last week ended with the information that billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong jumped into the 23rd position on Forbes’ list of the top billionaires, with assets increasing by tens of billions of dollars thanks to the sharp rise in VinFast share prices.

Pham Nhat Vuong 16th richest man globally after VinFast shares exceed US$90 mark

Shares of Vietnam’s leading electric vehicle maker VinFast (VFS), owned by Billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong amounted to US$93/share at a time, raising the market value to more than US$191 billion on the Nasdaq trading session on August 28.

With $74 billion, Pham Nhat Vuong is 16th richest person in world: Forbes

Forbes has reported that the assets of billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong have soared to $74 billion, placing him at the 16th position on the list of the world’s wealthiest billionaires.

The most powerful billionaire families in Vietnam

Vietnam has many powerful business empires which have been described as the backbone of the national economy.

Vingroup chairman not on no-fly list: MPS

Vingroup chairman Pham Nhat Vuong is not on the no-fly list, said Lieutenant General To An Xo, office chief and spokesperson of the Ministry of Public Security, effectively rejecting recent rumors about this matter as false.

Billionaires take zero-dong salaries

Billionaires Pham Nhat Vuong, Tran Dinh Long and Nguyen Dang Quang have chosen to draw zero salaries, and large banks have announced big changes in management positions. These were the business highlights of the last week.

Vingroup-affiliated stocks regain ground after rumor refuted

The VIC, VHM, VRE stocks of the Vingroup family fell sharply yesterday morning after a rumor about an overseas travel ban on Vingroup chairman Pham Nhat Vuong had been circulating on social media.

Nine face punishment for spreading false information about Vingroup Chairman

The Ministry of Public Security is investigating nine people in seven cities and provinces for spreading rumors saying Pham Nhat Vuong, Chairman of Vingroup, a private conglomerate, had been banned from travelling abroad.

Billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong gathers strength for new ventures

The businesses owned by dollar billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong are maintaining cash flow and seeking more capital in the stock market to prepare for a new ‘game’.

Vietnamese tycoons pocket profit of over US$1 billion in 2021

2021 was a stormy year with two pandemic waves. However, thanks to reasonable strategies, Vietnamese billionaires weathered the storm and became richer.

Vietnam's No. 1 billionaire expands investment

Vingroup, the company of Vietnam’s richest man, billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong, has expanded investment in major projects in the fields of electric cars and technology but has not neglected its traditional businesses.

Foreign bankers pour VND7 trillion into Vingroup, owned by Vietnam's richest man

Two foreign banks have invested VND7 trillion in Vingroup, owned by the dollar billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong, amid the enterprise’s daring moves and new records made in the Vietnam’s stock market.

How many billionaires are there in Vietnam?

The Wealth-X and UBS reports did not disclose the exact names of billionaires, while the Panama Papers and the Bahamas reports included names in tax paradises.


With new 'business model', billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong could earn $1.5 billion

Billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong has launched a new system that is expected to help Vinhomes bring in about $1.5 billion in 2021.

The 3-year journey of Vsmart phones

Vsmart phones have seen milestones that have never been made by any Vietnamese phone company.

VinSmart stops smartphone and TV manufacturing

Vingroup, Vietnam’s largest private conglomerate, has unveiled plans for its subsidiary VinSmart to halt the manufacturing of televisions and smartphones to concentrate on developing electronic products and other components for VinFast cars.

Selling cars and smartphones, Vietnam’s No. 1 billionaire earns huge profits

The first quarter profit of Vingroup, owned by Vietnam’s richest man Pham Nhat Vuong, increased five times over the same period last year thanks to three major real estate projects and high growth in sales of VinFast cars and smartphones.