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‘Make in Vietnam’ cloud computing: lessons from Huawei

The cloud computing market in Vietnam in 2020 was about 133 million USD. Vietnamese enterprises only exploited about 20% of the market, mainly in the infrastructure segment.

Meng Wanzhou: Huawei executive suffers US extradition blow

A Canadian court has ruled that the extradition hearing of Meng Wanzhou can continue.

State-led approach expected to boost 5G deployment in Vietnam

5G appears to be high on the Vietnamese government’s priority list, with the earliest of services set to be commercialized in mid-2020 following trials conducted through 2019.

Tech titans line up to seize 5G advantages

Next week, the United States-based technology giant Qualcomm, the largest global supplier of smartphone chips, will launch its Hanoi office after over five years of presence in the country, showing its ambition to boost its footprint.

Vietnam takes a leap in digital transformation with foreign participation

Seeing the growth potential ahead, many tech giants, such as Lenovo, Ericsson, Qualcomm, and Huawei, are targeting the Vietnamese market.

Huawei wants to cooperate with Vietnam’s ‘super committee’

Experts said Vietnam needs to be cautious when cooperating with Huawei in digital transformation because of problems related to information security.

Meng Wanzhou: Oil paintings and books for Huawei executive fighting extradition

Meng Wanzhou is fighting extradition to the US on charges of violating sanctions against Iran.

Huawei: Trouble overseas but boom time in China

While Huawei tech is blocked in the US, it is helping build one of the world biggest 5G networks at home.

How China plans to lead the computer chip industry

China wants to end its dependence on imported computer chips, but experts says it will struggle.

Apple posts modest profit in Vietnam despite earning huge revenue

Although iPhone retains its charm by the classy design, the sales of the US’s brand seems to slow down in the face of South Korea’s Samsung and China’s emerging Huawei Android smartphones which are less pricey but packed with breakthrough features.

Does Huawei have a chance to grasp share in Vietnam’s 5G deployment?

Three major mobile carriers in Vietnam have recently announced information of cooperation plans with foreign partners in the roadmap of 5G implementation but no one has mentioned Huawei.


Huawei’s plunge unlikely to affect Vietnam’s smartphone market

Huawei holds only a small share in Vietnam’s market, approximately 4%, equal to VND2.7 trillion (US$113 million) in 2018.

Are Huawei’s troubles affecting Digiworld, The Gioi Di Dong, FPT Retail?

Analysts of VnDirect Securities believe that the ban would have big impact on the Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer, but the Vietnamese smartphone market will not be affected much.

Trump suggests buying Vietnamese goods instead of Chinese

A decrease in the US’ imports from China could present a good opportunity for Vietnam to fill in the gap.

Vietnamese sell Huawei phones after US imposes ban on company

The news that Google has canceled cooperation with Huawei has raised concern that Huawei phones cannot be updated with Android software.

US ban on Huawei unlikely to affect Vietnam smartphone market: report

US restrictions on Huawei will not likely affect Vietnam’s smartphone market as well as the domestic mobile phone retailers.

How will Huawei fare in Vietnam?

Vietnam, listed among the easy-to-conquer markets for Huawei, has also become tougher amid calls for boycott of Huawei all over the world.

Will Vietnam develop 5G with Huawei’s equipment?

VietNamNet Bridge - Analysts say that Huawei’s equipment will be the least expensive, but believe that in the long term Vietnam needs to produce its own equipment.

It's all about Huawei. World's biggest mobile tech show gets started

 Over the next four days, about 100,000 people in Barcelona are expected to traipse through the halls of Mobile World Congress, one of the tech industry's biggest events. All the biggest players in the world use it to showcase new products.

US unveils its criminal case against Huawei, alleging China giant stole trade secrets and violated Iran sanctions

The United States has filed criminal charges against Huawei, escalating its fight against the Chinese tech giant and potentially complicating efforts by Washington and Beijing to negotiate an end to their bruising trade war.