Some account owners have complained that their posts were canceled because the fan pages had violated Facebook’s community standards regarding spam. On one fanpage, followers could not see the posts.

Facebook did not show the owners of fan pages the posts that were in violation. Instead, the account owners received a notice that the content they had posted contained violent images and language that may incite hatred, bullying or harassment.

Nhan Nguyen, founder of the blog Nhan Nguyen Sharing, said hundreds of Facebook fan pages might have been blocked.

“This Facebook scanning campaign has caused serious consequences to many fan pages in Vietnam, including big pages with hundreds of thousands of followers. There are also fan pages of enterprises doing business online,” he said.

Nhan Nguyen believes that this was not a systematic error. It is possible that Facebook conducted a scan of the posts that were in violation many years ago, so the owners of fan pages cannot guess the reason. 

“During the process of posting content and ads, the fan page administrators may have accidentally posted content in violation. There is another possibility – a violation by the admin/owner,” he said.

The lock by Facebook will cause losses to the owners of fanpages, including content producers and creators and online businessmen. 

Particularly, online businessmen may be suspected as swindlers if clients discover that they cannot access the fanpages anymore.

In principle, the owners of the fanpages are locked because of violating the community standards still have the opportunities to regain their fanpages by lodging complaints to Facebook. However, this would not be a simple thing and would cost a lot of time.

Trong Dat