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The Covid-19 pandemic has caused global trade bottlenecks and disruptions, but livestock exports are still growing strongly. With export turnover of $1.23 billion in 2020, livestock is the new export strength of Vietnam.

Rising material and feed costs bridle husbandry companies

Husbandry companies are being squeezed on two fronts, with prices for poultry and cattle stagnating and falling in some cases while animal feed material prices have been surging, pushing many to halt production or even declare bankruptcy.

VN eyes boosting processed meat industry

The husbandry industry is hoped to become a modern economic sector industrialised in all stages from production, processing, preservation and...

Rising price of pigs yields expansion across the board

The price of pigs in Vietnam, which while dropping remains much higher than before the global health crisis, is being deemed the main factor creating breakthrough profits for husbandry groups, 

Vietnam imports 16,000 Australian cows a month

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam needs to import 16,000 Australian cows to satisfy the high demand of the domestic market. There is no other supply source bigger and more competitive to replace Australia.


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