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Laos builds more hydropower dams, sparking concern in Vietnam

The International and Vietnam Mekong Commissions have protested, but Laos is implementing its plan to build more hydropower dams on the Mekong mainstream, reported Saigon Economic Times.

Laos’ hydropower policy puts Vietnam in a dilemma

VietNamNet Bridge - The proposal to buy electricity from Lao hydropower plants has been facing opposition from many researchers, who say that benefits are small compared with the costs.

Dams on Mekong are damaging environment

Vietnam, located in the lower course of Mekong, is at a disadvantageous position as more and more dams have arisen on the upper course of the river.

Collapse of Laos hydropower dam will have minor impact in Vietnam: scientists

Officials and scientists have said that the accident at the Sepien Senamnoi hydropower dam in Attapeu, Laos will not create a “water bomb” attacking the Vietnam’s Mekong Delta.

Vietnam advised to import electricity from Laos

The Mekong Connection Initiative believes that Vietnam should become the major importer of electricity from Laos. 

Vietnam’s rice granary endangered by water shortage

VietNamNet Bridge - The weaker water flow towards the downstream Mekong River has caused drought in  The Mekong Delta, affecting the livelihood of millions of people in the area.

Scientists urge postponing Pak Beng hydropower project

VietNamNet Bridge - Laos is set to move forward to build Pak Beng hydropower dam on Mekong mainstream, but technical reports about the project still do not provide adequate information.

China’s blasting of Mekong will cause environmental peril

China’s plan to blast waterfalls and rapids to clear the Mekong River to allow large cargo ships to pass through has raised concerns among the public as it will damage the habitat for marine life and harm people’s lives.

Proposed hydropower plant in Laos to affect lower Mekong River in Vietnam

Laos is making hectic preparations for the building of one more hydropower dam – Pak Beng – on the Mekong river section which runs through Oudomxay province.

Government urged to work with Cambodia on solutions to water resources

VietNamNet Bridge - Scientists have urged the Vietnamese government to cooperate with Cambodia and draw up a plan to take full advantage of water resources.

Laos starts construction on Don Sahong hydropower project

VietNamNet Bridge - Vietnam, which is located on the lower course of the Mekong River, is expected to see fish resources decline and erosion and saline intrusion increase because of the new hydropower plant in Laos.

Laos builds third hydropower dam, threatening Mekong River in VN

Vietnam needs to find solutions to the increasing number of hydropower dams being built in regional countries. 

Mekong’s sediment load decreases, disaster nears

The rapid decrease of the sediment load in the Mekong River has been largely caused by hydropower dams. WWF in Vietnam last week said suspended sediment load decreased from 160 million tons to 75 million tons between 1992 and 2014.

Cambodia’s decision to defer dam construction applauded

The struggle to protect Mekong River has been a prolonged and difficult one, and much more needs to be done, according to Tran Huu Hiep, head of the Economics Department under the Steering Committee on Southwest Development.

Lowlands residents live in constant fear of hydropower dam collapse

 VietNamNet Bridge - Many legal documents and instructions on the standard process of operating hydropower water reservoirs have been released, but these represent no assurance to the people who live in the lowlands.

Hydropower reservoirs discharge water, lowland people flooded out

The rains in the central region in recent days are not as heavy as the one that caused the historical flood in 1999. However, they have caused more severe consequences because hydropower reservoirs discharged water at the same time.

Ten months, three hydropower dams broke

The first “hydropower bomb" that denounced the irresponsibility of investors who were reckless for seeking profit is Dakrong III, located in Dakrong commune, Quang Tri province.

Many provinces fail to monitor small hydropower projects

 VietNamNet Bridge – Hydropower projects with capacity of less than 50 MW are put under the jurisdiction of provinces for assessment and licensing but the capacity of provincial officials is still weak,

Kon Tum: Dak Mek hydropower dam broken by a dump truck

VietNamNet Bridge – A concrete dam of 60 m long, 20 m high of the Dak Mek 3 hydropower plant collapsed after being hit by a truck. Hundreds of cubic meters of rocks and concrete fell into Dak Mek stream.