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The global debt clock at 3 pm of April 15, Hanoi time, showed that Vietnam’s public debt was equal to 49.2 percent of the country’s GDP.

Workforce doesn’t change over the last 5 years

The number of workers at enterprises has reportedly not increased over the last 5 years. New workers have been employed to offset the left ones, not to serve the enterprises’ business expansion plans.

Vietnamese spend $7-8 billion on foreign services

VietNamNet Bridge – Vietnamese spend $1.5 billion dollars to receive training at foreign universities, $2 billion to have healthcare abroad and $3.5 billion on outbound tours.

Low cost smart phone market to heat up in 2013

While mobile network operators previously only focused on selling high-grade mobile phones associated with service packages, they now target the low-cost market segment, since manufacturers rush to popularize the hi-tech products.

The US ice cream war in Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge – A lot of well-known US ice cream brands have jumped into Vietnam, or they are considering penetrating the market.

How big is the Vietnamese branded goods market? (Part 2)

More and more well known brands have set their foot in Vietnam not because of the high revenue the market now can bring, but because of the market potentials they believe would turn into reality in the future.

Super deluxe brands flock to Vietnam

While the real estate market has become frozen, low-cost and medium-class product sales have been going very slowly, deluxe products still can be sold well in Vietnam, which has prompted the biggest fashion brands to flock to the country.