indonesia rises to become largest supplier of cars to vietnam picture 1

September alone saw 9,315 cars from Indonesia imported into the country with a total revenue of US$135.33 million, while the number of completely built-up (CBU) vehicles imported from Thailand stood at 7,102 valued at approximately US$132.13 million.

However, the total import turnover of cars imported from Indonesia fetched US$691.37 million in nine months, a figure lower than that of Thailand at US$881.4 million. The reason is that the models originating from Indonesia are mostly in the affordable price segment, according to industry experts.

The large quantities of cars imported from Indonesia have helped to compensate for popular models such as the Toyota Veloz Cross and the Hyundai Creta that are in short supply in Vietnam.

The number of imported cars from this market next year is likely to decrease slightly amid these models being transferred to domestic assembly by manufacturers as part of efforts to meet the increasing demands of consumers.

The number of imported cars into Vietnam during the nine month-period hit 114,496 units worth US$2.6 billion, up 0.2% in volume and 3% in value.

Source: VOV