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With many local textile-garment makers unable to confirm when they can resume operations, many of their foreign business partners are switching orders from Vietnam to other countries.


Vietnam – Rising star in Asia’s shifting supply chains: EIU

A key strength in Vietnam’s business environment is the country’s proliferating membership of free-trade agreements.

Vietnam's woodwork industry expects minus growth rate for 2020

The woodwork industry is experiencing many hardships with 80 percent of orders postponed in April.

Material supply from China resumes, VN textile-garment companies sigh with relief

In mid-March, when Chinese factories began resuming operation, material supplies to Vietnamese textile and garment enterprises were restored.

Hundreds of enterprises may have to suspend production because of coronavirus

Hundreds of enterprises, both Vietnamese and foreign invested, are increasingly concerned about supply of components from China.

Garment companies struggle to escape Cut-Make-Trim production

It is becoming more difficult for textile and garment companies to recruit workers as
labor costs keep increasing and workers quit to move to higher paying jobs. The only solution is changing the production method.

Vietnam buying more materials from the US amid US-China trade war

The US-China trade war is giving opportunities to Vietnam to diversify material supply sources, increase imports from the US to reduce the trade surplus with the country, and reduce the trade deficit with China.

Devaluing VND will do more harm than good: economists

Chinese FDI is rushing into Vietnam, bringing huge capital. However, Vietnam has been told to be careful about using this capital.