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VietNamNet’s inspiring characters: kindness extends to millions of hearts

On December 19, VietNamNet held the VietNamNet Inspiring Characters 2022 Awards in Hanoi.

Commissioned officer delays flight to save pregnant woman in Dubai

Major Vu The Anh, a UN peacekeeping officer in South Sudan, after completing his mission, delayed his flight home to help a pregnant woman in Dubai.

Young man builds 600 libraries for children in highlands

Returning from a trip to the highlands, Tu Anh thought a lot about the difficult life of the local children. Wanting to help the children escape poverty, he set the goal of building 1,001 libraries throughout the country.

Police lieutenant dives into the sea, rescues 4 people

Hearing a cry for help from people and realizing that someone was swept away while swimming, Lieutenant Hieu immediately jumped into the sea and saved the lives of four people.

Nonprofit group brings electricity, cinema to children in mountainous areas

Over the last 12 years, Ho Hoang Liem and other members of his team have brought "light" to students in remote and difficult areas.

Mekong Delta man spends 400 taels of gold to provide for hundreds of elderly

Thirteen years ago, a man in Mekong Delta spent 400 taels of gold to build Duc Tho nursing home which has become a home for hundreds of sick or poor elderly people.

Woman who collects scrap iron vows to build hotel for the poor

After adopting a baby girl at the age of 16, Huong decided to give up her personal affairs and become the mother of thousands of orphans. She reserved all of her assets to build a ‘5-star home’ to accommodate unhappy children.

The special class of a 1.1-meter tall teacher

Born without legs, Pham Thi Thu Thuy was left abandoned at HCM City’s Tu Du Hospital but she still loves her mother.

Commune chair sacrificed his life to save others during floods in Quang Binh

Phan Thanh Mien is one of the 14 Inspiring Characters honored by VietNamNet’s readers in 2020. However, he could not be present at the campaign medal awards ceremony because he passed away after his great flood relief efforts earlier this year.

Creator of 'rice ATMs' remains humble about his newfound fame

Hoang Tuan Anh, the creator of the ‘rice ATM’ which dispensed rice to the poor to help them survive the Covid-19 pandemic, is one of the 14 people nominated by VietNamNet as Inspiring Characters.