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Masan Consumer had neither exported nor sold Omachi shrimp flavoured instant noodles directly to Qianyu Co., Ltd to export to Taiwan (China), the Vietnamese firm said on August 24.

Vietnamese instant noodles under the microscope in Cambodia

Cambodian authorities will conduct an inspection of instant noodles imported from Vietnam that are alleged to contain banned substances ethylene oxide said to exceed the permit limits set by the EU, according to Vietnam’s Trade Office in Cambodia.

What did Vietnam’s industry ministry respond to instant noodle warnings of the EU?

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has established a working group to inspect production lines and supervise on a large scale of instant noodles consumed in the domestic market, imported instant noodles, and instant noodles for export.

Hao Hao instant noodles in EU: supplier to company used EO to sterilize materials

Acecook Vietnam, after checking up on material suppliers, has found that a supplier used Ethylene oxide (EO) to sterilize some materials.


Instant noodles recalled in Europe, manufacturers told to be cautious about use of ethylene oxide

Vietnam does not have regulations about the use of ethylene oxide (EO) in agriculture production or limits on EO residue in food.

More dried noodles recalled in EU for containing banned substance

The Food Administration of Vietnam yesterday received the warning of the European Union about the recall of dried noodles with chicken and beef spices manufactured by Thien Huong Food Joint Stock Company for containing a banned substance.

Vietnam instant noodle market controlled by three big brands

VietNamNet Bridge - Fifty instant noodle manufacturers exist in Vietnam, but the market is controlled by three big players, namely Acecook, Asia and Masan.

The ‘meat fight’ among instant noodle manufacturers

Before 2016, manufacturers offering lower selling prices had an advantage in the instant noodle market. But with the market now saturated, the presence of ‘real pieces of meat’ in noodle packages will determine the outcome of the competition.

Instant noodle market no longer hot

VietNamNet Bridge - Between 50 and 55 instant noodle packs a year on average are bought by each Vietnamese, a slight decrease compared with recent years, according to the World Instant Noodles Association (WINA).


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