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Mobile banking often leads clients to using multiple convenient services, such as taking out a loan and registering for a bank card. This is where banks can generate new streams of revenue.

Strict criterion prevents access to loans

Although Decree 31/2022/ND-CP of the State Government offers support to businesses, cooperatives, and business householders at 2 percent interest rate when borrowing from commercial banks, there is still a strict criterion in place.

Home-loan interest rates rise, low-income earners struggle to find accommodations

After a long period of staying at a low level, home loan interest rates have begun to increase. With higher house prices and interest rates, the dream of owning a house is becoming more difficult.

Joint-stock banks reap high profits, threaten positions of state-owned Big 4 banks

Several commercial banks reported profits higher than VND10 trillion for the first half of the year.

Credit demand set to grow in the final half of 2022

In the last half of 2022, banks may ease loan conditions so that more customers could access credit, given the positive economic outlook and their improving financial capacity.

Unavoidable interest rate hikes

Banks’ recent deposit rate hikes indicate a liquidity crunch.

Banks upbeat about Q3 2022 business results

A majority of credit institutions (CIs) are optimistic about their business performance in Q3 2022, the State Bank of Việt Nam (SBV)’s latest survey on business trends of credit institutions showed.

Big banks hike deposit interest rates

Large banks are starting to join the deposit interest rate hike race along with small- and medium-sized banks due to rising capital demand pressure after a long time staying out of the game.

‘Easy money’ period ends, interest rates rise

To avoid exchange rate and capital outflow risks, interest rates in Vietnam are expected to rise, while the bad debt ratio is likely to increase sharply.

Banks raise deposit interest rates as cash flow slows

Experts predictions have come true: banks have raised deposit interest rates to attract more capital.

Banks earn huge profits, businesses wait for interest rate cuts

Many businesses are disappointed with the move of private joint stock commercial banks, which cite a fear of a sharp drop in profits.


Bank interest rates drop to 2-year low

Many commercial banks continue to slash lending interest rates following an interest rate cut in July. The current lowest interest rate is 4 percent per annum.


Businesses seek interest rate cuts, banks worry about declining profits

Business associations and industries have repeatedly asked commercial banks to ease lending interest rates to share difficulties with them in the Covid-19 pandemic.

Deposit interest rates plummet, people pour money into other investment channels

Commercial banks have reported a sharp fall in deposits as interest rates are now at a 10-year low and people seek other investment channels.

Banks agree to reduce lending interest rates from July

Commercial banks have agreed to slash the lending interest rate in order to help businesses and people overcome the difficulties caused by the Covid-19 crisis.

Deposit interest rates rising despite pandemic

After many months of staying at low levels, deposit interest rates at banks have increased since late May.

Lending interest rates about to increase

Recently, the interbank interest rates suddenly jumped, causing many people to worry whether bank lending rates will increase in the coming time while the business and production activities have been facing many difficulties due to Covid-19.

Hard-hit bsinesses still paying high interest on loans

The latest Covid-19 outbreak has pushed enterprises into new difficulties at a time when it is nearly impossible to access cheap capital sources.

Is interbank rate climb worrisome?

Interest rates are the most important focus of attention this year as many believe after a year implementing the loose monetary policy, the authorities concerned are going to tighten them.

Vietnam raises US$1.7 billion via government bonds in Q1

As of March, the total value of G-bonds reached more than VND1,340 trillion ($58.3 billion), slightly down 0.7% against late 2020.