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VN Securities Commission warns of false information about investment funds

The State Securities Commission (SSC) has issued a warning to investors about false information about fund management companies such as Dragon Capital and VinaCapital.

SSC warns fraudsters are impersonating local investment funds

The State Securities Commission (SSC) advises investors to check and compare information before trading or investing according to information on websites or accounts on social networks.

Foreign investment to flourish post-pandemic

Analysts all have optimistic forecasts about cash flow to Vietnam in 2022 and upcoming years after a year of net withdrawals.

Investment funds beat the market in 2020

2020 marked an unexpectedly successful year for big investment funds in Vietnam, with Pyn Elite Fund having the best performance.

Foreign capital returns strongly to Vietnam

There are signs of foreign capital returning to Vietnam in the context of global stabilization. Vietnam has a great opportunity to break out thanks to the rapid recovery from Covid-19 and its open economy.

Investment funds to pour US$ 815 million in Vietnamese start-up businesses

Thirty-three investment funds that has pledged to pour US$ 815 million in Vietnamese innovation start-up businesses in the next five years.

Funds enjoy growth in August

Investment funds involved in Vietnam’s equity market reported positive growth in net asset value (NAV) in August due to a stock market upturn.

Capital flow to startups still strong after Covid-19

As soon as COVID-19 subsided in Vietnam, startups began to again receive capital.

Most investment funds in VN suffer losses in the first half

Most investment funds in Vietnam’s equity market reported negative growth in net asset value per share (NAVPS) in H1 due to a stock market downturn, resulting from the impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak.


Vietnam equity market draw back foreign bettors

Investment funds including Ashmore Group Plc and Coeli Asset Management SA have increased holdings in the US$174 billion market since March, while...

Investment funds report poor performances in February

Latest reports from investment funds in February show they have suffered from the decline of the market amid the global spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19.


VN stock market lackluster, investors take losses

Though the index has increased slightly, the stock market remains inactive as a lot of individual investors have incurred losses and many brokers have given up their jobs.

VN education startups receive millions of US dollars worth of investments

Startup projects in the education sector have attracted huge investments from international venture funds.

Mon Hue woes a warning to chains

The closure of much of the Mon Hue chain has demonstrated the risk that food and beverage businesses can suffer from, as the collapse cements that attracting investment funds does not equal an ability to balance the books. 

Foreign funds seek businesses to pour capital into Vietnam

Ninety percent of investors around the world consider Vietnam and Indonesia the two most important destinations, according to a report from Bain & Company.

Tough year predicted by investment funds as VN Index falls

VietNamNet Bridge - Big challenges for the stock market may occur in 2019, according to investment fund management companies.

Big investment fund keeps pouring money into Vietnamese companies

VietNamNet Bridge - The most powerful investment fund in the country continues to pour money into Vietnam's leading companies despite capital withdrawal from emerging and frontier markets. 

Foreign funds keep pouring money into Vietnam

VietNamNet Bridge - A high economic growth rate, prosperous stock market, and the government’s determination to divest from state-owned enterprises all make Vietnam a promising market.

Capital keeps flowing into startups

VietNamNet Bridge - Investors have poured more capital into Vietnamese technology startups amid the strong rise of new technologies such as AI and Big Data.

Foreign investors pouring more money in Vietnamese fintech firms

Foreign investment funds and technology firms have poured hundreds of millions of dollars in Vietnamese fintech firms in anticipation of an increase in non-cash payments in the country.