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Vietnam is behind the world in IoT

In order to obtain a high ratio of IoT (Internet of Things) device connection density to the population, Vietnam needs to make greater efforts with the cooperation of all technological firms.

Vietnam’s IoT market should begin with autos, electrical equipment

The Vietnamese IoT market is expected to have a value of $8.5 billion. To reach that end, the country should apply IoT to measurement devices and means of transport, according to experts.

The rise of MediaTek and lessons for Vietnam

Even though it launched rather late, MediaTek knows how to enter niche markets neglected by giants like Samsung, Apple or Qualcomm.

Technology firms urged to produce AI engineers

Technology firms in Vietnam complain that they find it difficult to recruit workers, especially highly qualified ones.

Smartphone market narrows, IoT opens up

When VinSmart announced the withdrawal from the smartphone market, Nguyen Tu Quang, CEO of BKAV Corporation, the manufacturer of BPhone, showed his regret.

DTS Software Vietnam wins Sao Khue Awards 2021 for new software products

Passing over 300 solutions and services of 161 companies, Walk-in-home, a design software product developed by DTS Software Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been awarded Sao Khue Award 2021.

Make-in-Vietnam smart locks to compete with foreign models

The smart lock market in Vietnam belongs to foreign enterprises, mainly Chinese, but this is likely to change with the introduction of Make in Vietnam smart locks.

Vietnam paves way for enterprises to apply AI

AI has become increasingly popular in Vietnam with the participation of large technology firms in the field.

Tech giants take starting positions

International technology giants are eyeing Vietnam’s consumer market as the country’s rapid digital transformation offers bright prospects on the back of a new legal framework and an ever-growing demand for innovative technologies.

Swift digital revolution drives Vietnam’s economic growth

Vietnam’s rapid digital transformation demand is building new pathways for businesses. However, in order to translate these into real success stories, numerous obstructions will need to be removed.

Vietnamese banks apply AI in their products

Deputy CEO of VietinBank Tran Cong Quynh Lan believes that AI is important for banks, but how to apply it remains a difficult question.

HCM City to be first city in VN to be fully covered by IoT network

All of HCM City’s 24 districts will have Internet of Things (IoT) broadcasting stations installed this month, making the city the first place in Viet Nam to be fully covered with an IoT network.


Startups in Vietnam head to digital transformation

Startups in Vietnam have been trending to adopt the technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to gain market success amid mounting competition.

Vietnam’s mushroom cultivation declines due to poor technology use

Vietnam has rich by-product sources that could be used to grow mushrooms. However, the country is losing its competitive edge as the domestic market is flooded with mushroom imports.

In industry 4.0 era, new business models are a must

The newly appointed Minister of Information and Communication Nguyen Manh Hung says that accepting new business models and building up the IoT (internet of things) industry is the only choice for Vietnam in the new technology era.

Small businesses lag behind in preparations for 4.0 era

VietNamNet Bridge - A number of large corporations have adapted well to the 4.0 era, but the majority of small businesses are lagging behind.

Where is Vietnam’s hi-tech agriculture?

IoT and blockchain application in agricultural production in Vietnam remains modest, while other high technologies are used by only 10 percent of Vietnam’s agricultural production workforce.

Children can also become coders with super-simple programming language

Instead of complicated codes, V-logic users can become coders with simple commands like ‘Bat den Led roi cho 1 giay sau tat  den Led’ (turn LED lamp on, wait one second, and turn off the lamp).

Multinationals want to develop smart factories in Vietnam

Vietnam, with a high-quality labor force which can satisfy requirements of the digital revolution, deserves to be a partner for foreign companies to team up to develop smart factories.

Scientists warn of dangers to IoT devices

As of the end of December 2017, Vietnam had 316,000 internet-connected cameras. Of these, flaws were found that could be exploited by hackers in 147,000 devices.