japanese nationals caught growing cannabis plants in da nang picture 1
Japanese nationals grow cannabis plants on the third floor (Photo: Da Nang Police)

The police in Phuoc My ward confirmed on February 14 that they were looking into illegal activities carried out by the two Japanese citizens.

Searching their rented house on Phuoc My 1 road, they discovered the two Japanese were growing a huge number of cannabis plants on the third floor.

The plants have been kept in a mini greenhouse featuring watering, artificial lighting, chemicals, and fans.

The police also found dried cannabis that had been put into a plastic tray and other relevant items.

An investigation is currently underway.

In Vietnam, both medical and recreational use of cannabis and cannabis-based products are prohibited by law. It is therefore illegal to grow, trade, transport, possess, and use cannabis in the country.

Growing cannabis plants is punishable by a fine of between VND2 million and VND5 million, equal to between US$87 and US$218.

If the number of plants exceeds 500, then the offender will be criminally charged and could face a jail term of up to seven years.

Source: VOV