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Workers hide medical conditions for fear of losing jobs

After a long time working in toxic conditions, many workers in Bình Dương have gotten occupational injuries, but out of their unemployment fear, they hid it from employers.

Hiring demand in Vietnam’s FMCG forecast to be high in next quarters

Many industries in Vietnam are in need of middle and senior personnel.

More Vietnamese intellectual employees opt for freelance work

One of biggest changes is that graduates have opted for working as freelancers. There has also been a shift where people are opting for freelance work rather than full-time roles because of the flexibility it provides. 

Hiring intentions remain positive in H2

According to the General Statistics Office, Vietnam achieved a 5.64% GDP growth in the first half of 2021, higher than the 1.82% in the same period last year.

Guest workers scheduled to work abroad stuck at home

Nguyen Canh Viet, 29, from Ha Tinh province, still cannot leave fir Japan to work despite the scheduled departure in early May.

Covid-19 starting to hit Vietnamese enterprises as workers are laid off

Now is the time when enterprises are feeling the ‘brutality’ of the Covid-19 epidemic. They have had to lay off many workers as they cannot maintain production and have received no orders.

Students with prestigious degrees from abroad face competitive job market

A high number of bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates from prestigious schools overseas cannot find good jobs in Vietnam.

Some questions that cannot be retired

 Population experts and economists are saying current official retirement ages, for men and women, will prove too costly for the economy and the social insurance system.

Degree holders heading back to school

 VietNamNet Bridge – Tertiary education has seemingly become a popular path chosen by the majority of Vietnamese high school graduates, because in a degree-treasuring society like Viet Nam,

Many university graduates ill-prepared for job market

 VietNamNet Bridge – A survey of 3,000 former students has found that the knowledge received at university is not useful for future jobs.

Graduates battle tough job market

 VietNamNet Bridge – Tens of thousands of young college and university graduates in the Central Highlands are struggling to find good jobs and are having to resort to menial or low-skilled labour.

Brighter data points to Fed taper ahead of jobs report

 The Federal Reserve looks increasingly poised to start tapering its massive bond-buying program after economic data pointing to an improving job market, the central bank's top priority, economists said.

Post-Tet slump hits job market

 VietNamNet Bridge – Unemployment is set to increase in HCM City in the coming months as enterprises strive to cut labour costs, citing the ongoing economic recession.