Update news Karaoke

Karaoke parlors reopen but are deserted

Some karaoke parlors in HCM City have been allowed to resume operation. However, the owners are sitting idle as there are few clients to serve. The business is expected to begin recovering only in three years.

Hanoi karaoke bars to re-open if they meet fire-safety standards

This decision follows the tragic deaths of three firefighters in a karaoke blaze on August 1, 2022, which renewed attention to fire safety measures in the city’s entertainment venues.

Hanoi wants to continue issuing karaoke business licenses

The Hanoi People’s Committee has requested the city’s competent agencies to continue issuing business licenses for eligible karaoke bars to help prevent them from suspending their operations, reported the local media.

Karaoke parlors incur losses, consider shutting down

Karaoke parlors have been rebuilt or repaired to satisfy requirements on fire prevention and fighting. But agencies still have not given an official answer on whether the establishments have enough conditions to reopen.

Fire-risk Hanoi karaoke bars call for help

Hundreds of karaoke parlors and bars in Hanoi have sent a group letter to the prime minister and concerned agencies calling for help so that they can resume services again after months of suspension due to fire safety issues.

Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism to check karaoke, disco services licensing

Head of the Grassroots Culture Department under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Ninh Thi Thu Huong has just issued the plan of surveying and checking the state management works on karaoke, discotheque and festivals.

PM orders karaoke service licensing be tightened

The prime minister has ordered the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to study and issue more stringent karaoke service licensing regulations.

HCM City suspends 26 karaoke bars for fire safety violations

The competent forces in HCMC have suspended 26 businesses providing karaoke and bar services for violating fire safety regulations and imposed administrative fines of over VND1.2 billion on violators.

Noisy neighbourhood karaoke singers could face heavy fines

As well as sidewalk singers, fines can also be issued to noisy restaurants, construction workers, and even people who can’t control their chickens!

Saigonese return to karaoke parlors after six months of closure

Karaoke parlors were very crowded on January 10, the first day of the new normal for entertainment facilities in HCM City.

HCMC strengthens measures to tackle noise violations by karaoke at home

Regarding the situation that people sing karaoke, causing noise pollution in residential areas, HCM City chairman has given directions to strengthen control of noise violations to maintain security and ensure the tranquility for citizens.

Hanoi closes karaoke parlors, bars for Covid-19 prevention

From 0:00 on February 1, all karaoke parlors, bars and discotheques in Hanoi had to suspend operations in a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, according to the local government's decision.

Karaoke shops with high-end equipment rake in profits

VietNamNet Bridge - Karaoke shop owners spend at least VND1 billion on equipment and facilities for one karaoke room, creating a competitive market for suppliers.  

Karaoke joints to pay for unlicensed songs

A fee will be imposed on songs listed on karaoke machines across the country by July 2017, according to an announcement made by the Recording Industry Association of Vietnam (RIAV).

HCM City to relicense discotheques after years

The Department of Culture - Sports and Tourism of Ho Chi Minh City is drafting a discos and karaoke parlor planning, under which new discotheques and karaoke bars may be licensed based on the demands and proposals of each district.

Numerous bars, restaurants providing prostitution services detected in HCM City

When the lamps are turned on, karaoke music suddenly stops, dozens of waitresses in bikinis who are flirting with clients hastily seek a shelter is the popular scene whenever the authorities storm karaoke bars or restaurants in HCM City.

HCM City wants to gather sensitive services into one zone to prevent prostitution

Given that the situation of prostitution in the city is very complicated, hiding in the form of barber shops, massage, traditional medicine, etc. HCM City has recommended gathering these sensitive business establishments in an area.