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Saigonese return to karaoke parlors after six months of closure

Karaoke parlors were very crowded on January 10, the first day of the new normal for entertainment facilities in HCM City.



Dinh Hoang Thuy Duong from Icool Karaoke said 18 branches of the chain were full on Jan 10 evening. The number of clients on was far higher than morning.

Meanwhile, Le Hoang Viet from Nnice reported that the number of clients was below expectation, but this was an encouraging result, which showed signs of recovery. The demand will be clearer in some days, when people find entertainment activities for weekend.

While karaoke parlors’ owners are optimistic about their business, bar owners are not. The bars on BuiVien street, called ‘Pho Tay’ (western backpackers’ street) were deserted on the first day of reopening. Some bars were still closed.

At 9pm, only one table at Knock Knock was booked with three clients. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Van, the manager of the bar, said there were few clients, because yesterday was Monday. But Van was happy as bars have been allowed to reopen after a long period of closure.

The same situation was seen at bars nearby. Bui Ngoc Binh, the manager of Miss Sai Gon, said Bui Vien serves more foreigners than Vietnamese. Some foreigners stuck in HCM City because of Covid-19 have become loyal clients.

Binh said the reopening just brings jobs but not many customers.

In the morning, the bar sells rice and fruit juice to keep workers busy.

Binh wants the Government to resume international flights which paves the way for receive more foreign travelers. Around 70 percent of their clients are foreigners.

Karaoke parlors and bars’ owners said there is a lack of workers. Most workers left during pandemic peak days and they don’t intend to come back to HCM City as Tet is near.

“We can call only 60 percent of workers back. Many workers have given up and shifted to other businesses to earn their living,” Viet said.

“I hope the municipal authorities won’t tell us to open the doors today and close tomorrow,” he said.

Icool imported VND1.5 billion worth of equipment to prepare for the reopening on November 17, 2021, but then had to close the doors just after two days.

HCM City Vice Mayor Duong Anh Duc on Jan 4 signed a document allowing discos, dance clubs, bars and karaoke parlors to resume operation on Jan 10. 

Tran Chung

Ho Chi Minh City to reopen bars, dance clubs from next week

Ho Chi Minh City to reopen bars, dance clubs from next week

Ho Chi Minh City will reopen bars, dance clubs and karaoke parlors from January 10 after a period of suspension due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Karaoke parlors, cinemas fear bankruptcy

Karaoke parlors, cinemas fear bankruptcy

After a long period of closure, karaoke bars and cinemas are facing hard times. The future of entertainment services is unclear.


Health Ministry faces scrutiny

The Central Committee for Prevention and Control of Corruption and Negativism on May 16 announced a decision to inspect the Ministry of Health.

Stock exchanges to disclose self-trading data before May 23

The State Securities Commission request disclosure of information for proprietary trading of securities companies and information related to firms influencing stocks that hit ceiling or floor prices for five consecutive sessions.

IEEFA: Viet Nam’s manufacturing future rests on a credible renewable energy game plan

Global market exposure is an impetus for the government to support the power sector’s decarbonisation.

US doctor offers 500 artifacts to Vietnam Women's Museum

The Vietnamese Women’s Museum held a ceremony on May 17 in Hanoi to receive roughly 500 artifacts donated by Mark Rapoport, a doctor from the United States, and his family.

SEA Games 31: Vietnam surpasses 100-gold medal mark

By the end of May 17, Vietnam maintained top place in the medal table with 105 gold, 65 silver and 64 bronze medals.

Vietnam to host ASEAN peacekeeping meeting in September

Vietnam will host an annual meeting of the ASEAN Peacekeeping Centres Network (APCN) this September.

Vietnam wishes to enhance cooperation with San Francisco: PM

Vietnam wants to promote the relationship between San Francisco and Vietnamese localities in general and Ho Chi Minh City in particular, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh told Mayor of the City and County of San Francisco London Breed.

Lam Kinh ancient royal capital holds feudal mysteries

The special national relic site of the Lam Kinh ancient royal capital of the Later Le Dynasty in the northern province of Thanh Hoa's Tho Xuan District harbours mysterious tales about one of the most significant Vietnamese feudal reigns.

BKAV Electronics is dissolved, still makes BPhones

BKAV Electronics, a subsidiary of BKAV, will stop operation and merge with the holding company. However, BKAV said this won’t affect the group’s plan to develop smartphones.

Hanoi’s goals reflect its role as ‘economic locomotive’ of country

Hanoi defined its development goals by 2030 with a vision towards 2045 after the Politburo released Resolution 15 recently.

PM visits New York Stock Exchange, holds roundtable with CEOs of world leading firms

Vietnamese Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh held a working session at the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on May 16 (local time) as part of his trip to the US.

Garden on mountaintop brings VND5 billion a year to Pa Cop village farmer

Farmer Do Quy Hanh in Pa Cop village, a Thai ethnic minority man in Pa Cop hamlet in Son La province, has his own secrets to growing bountiful orange and longan orchards, bringing profit of VND5 billion a year.

Young people invent anti-cheating software for online exams

As the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hit the country in 2021, students had to study and take exams online. However, cheating on online exams has caused headaches for schools.

Fed rate hike's impact on Vietnamese economy not significant

The latest interest rate hike by the US Federal Reversal (Fed) will weigh on the global economy, including Vietnam, but experts expect impacts of the Fed’s move on the country will not be significant.

Vietnam Blockchain Union officially debuts

The Vietnam Blockchain Union (VBN) debuted on May 17 with the aim of connecting the local blockchain community to state management agencies to develop legal frameworks for the technology and to accelerate the development of VN's digital economy.