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Only once a year, Yen So fish market is ‘dyed’ in red by carp.

Photos: People release carps and rubbish in lakes

 VietNamNet Bridge – On Monday morning, many people in Hanoi went to lakes, ponds and the Red River to throw carp on the Day of the Kitchen Gods. People also threw ash, plastic bags and garbage into the lakes.

Image: Palestinian and US Ambassadors celebrate Kitchen Gods Day in Vietnam

The two ambassadors joined in the Tet (Lunar New Year) custom of releasing carp on the occasion of the Kitchen Gods Day (23rd Lunar December).

Tet traditions honour Kitchen Gods

 For most Vietnamese, Tet (Lunar New Year festival) has actually begun with the “Ong Cong - Ong Tao” (Land Genie and Kitchen Gods) ceremony on the 23rd of the last month of the lunar year, which falls on February 1 this year.

Capital pays respects to the Kitchen God

 VietNamNet Bridge – Today, according to the lunar calendar, the Vietnamese people believe the Kitchen God (Ong Tao) will begin his journey to the Heavenly Palace.

Hanoi family prepares feast, releases gold carp for the Kitchen God

On every Kitchen God’s Day, the family of Mrs. Phuc on Yet Kieu Street, Hanoi, groups up to prepare a vegetarian feast and burn incense to see the Kitchen God off. Gold carp must be released before 12pm.

Hanoi sees the Kitchen God off by procession

For the first time Hanoi held traditional rituals to see the Kitchen God off. Besides the icons of earthen tripods and offerings, a paper-made gold carp of almost 4 meters long was processed from Bat Trang village to Hanoi’s center.


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