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Vietnam stands ready to work with member states and stakeholders to uphold the principles of the UN Charter and international law, and strengthen efficiency and effectiveness of Human Rights Council through dialogue, cooperation and mutual respect.

People who made 'missteps' in life have a second chance with help from local programs

Returning to his home village after ideological re-education, Ro Chom Brong can now borrow money from banks, learn how to organize production, and earn money to support himself and his family.

Vietnam, Australia hold 17th human rights dialogue

The 17th Vietnam – Australia Human Rights Dialogue was productive and frank, and covered an extensive range of issues, according to a statement issued by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) on January 13.

Vietnam responds to US-ASEAN summit rumours, not being invited to the US-led Summit for Democracy

Vietnam’s policy is to build “a Socialist democracy in tandem with upholding people’s rights to democracy in all aspects of their social life.”

Programme aims to spur socio-economic development in mountainous areas

Deputy PM Pham Binh Minh has recently signed a decision approving the national target programme on socio-economic development in ethnic minority-inhabited and mountainous areas, with the first phase from now to 2025.

Vietnam working hard to promote human rights

The Vietnamese Government has rolled out various guidelines and policies towards people and human rights protection, heard an international workshop in Hanoi on October 22.

UNHRC adopts Vietnam-proposed resolution on climate change, human rights

The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) on July 14 wrapped up its 47th session in Geneva, Switzerland, with 27 resolutions adopted, including one regarding climate change and human rights, 

Ambassador affirms Vietnam’s consistent policy on promoting human rights

Ambassador Le Thi Tuyet Mai, Permanent Representative of Vietnam to the UN, the World Trade Organisation, and other international organisations in Geneva, 

Vietnam’s human rights achievements undeniable

Throughout history, Vietnam has always put its people at the centre of every socio-economic development strategy, programme, and project, thereby obtaining considerable and multifaceted achievements in ensuring human rights.

Bringing skills of Vietnam to United Nations Human Rights Council discourse

Vietnam will run for the United Nations Human Rights Council for the 2023-2025 term to spur human rights in the international arena.

Vietnam presents candidature for membership of UN Human Rights Council

Keeping the society safe against pandemics is the best way to ensure each member can fully enjoy their human rights.

Premature release of prisoners on conditions: Preventing recidivism, ensuring human rights

Premature release of prisoners on conditions is an effective measure in preventing recidivism and a humane form of management and education, ensuring human rights.

Prisoners at work: The stepping stone of remuneration and reintegration into the community

The implementation of regimes and policies for inmates to serve imprisonment sentences in prisons has always been the target of hostile forces and opposers aiming to abuse and distort Vietnam in violation of democracy and human rights.

"Listen to children with your heart; protect them with your action"

Vietnam's strong political commitments as well as strong leadership in the realization of children's rights have helped improve the lives of millions of children.

Efforts of the whole socio-political system to "Leaving no one behind"

For any political regime, social security in general, social insurance and health insurance policies in particular are also considered an important foundation for a country’s economic development and socio-political stability.

Human rights viewed from illegal sales of personal information

Illegally holding, trading, or transferring personal information of another person without authorization is infringement of privacy - one of the fundamental rights of human rights.

Vietnam listed among countries with high Human Development Index for the first time

Human rights or human development is a central issue in the development process in Vietnam. 


Building a specialized monitoring agency to increase effectiveness in ensuring the rights of ethnic minorities

It is necessary to have a specialized monitoring agency to ensure the rights of ethnic minorities. 

Achievements in ensuring human rights, the premise for Vietnam’s positions at international forums

The outstanding results in the international arena, with the most typical one is being elected as the Non-Permanent Member of the United Nations Security Council, have confirmed the new stature of the Vietnamese State.

Ensuring the rights of ethnic minorities: Comprehensive and multidimensional understanding is needed

Ensuring the rights of ethnic minorities is not only limited to normal human rights values but also common values of a community as an equal ethnic group in a multi-ethnic country.