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Land of sublimity

Early rains have relieved the scorching summer heat on That Son, also known as Bay Nui (seven mountains), a range of small mountains located in Tri Ton and Tinh Bien districts in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang. 

With mountain peaks covered by fog, high cliffs and immense green forests, That Son welcomes visitors to the land of historic values. The area is also entering the next stage of robust growth thanks to its great tourism potentials.

The greater the effort, the sweeter the reward. Despite many disadvantages, local authorities have built up beautiful images of Bay Nui landscapes and people, leaving a deep impression on travelers in the countryside. Therefore, the region has seen magical changes day after day.

Local residents have been familiar with a long line of cars and coaches on the spacious Road 948 carrying tourists to the mysterious That Son.

“Every year, Tinh Bien welcomes millions of visitors who come for sightseeing and leisure. Therefore, the local government has developed large-scale projects at Nui Cam, a half-mountain half-plain area, to create a distinction for the heroic land. The provincial road 948, which is a key road in the region, has been upgraded to serve the increasing number of holidaymakers,” said Nguyen Thanh Huan, chairman of Tinh Bien District.

Charming landscapes and mysterious legends of Bay Nui carry both strong tourism potentials and background values of patriotism. “We hope that tourists to Tinh Bien would stay longer to share our joys and achievements we’ve made, instead of just visiting some pagodas or eating some local specialties and leaving,” Huan said.

A corner of An Hao solar power tourist site.

Awaking That Son

Those visiting Bay Nui regularly will be impressed by its dramatic changes and tourism growth in the past three years. Local authorities have applied strong measures to give a boost to tourism and border trade in Tinh Bien District.

“Tinh Bien possesses adequate favorable conditions to develop ecological and spiritual tourism, as well as tours to traditional craft villages. Especially, it has large projects regarded as the pride of the southwestern border area. Local government and residents are expected to make significant step forward in the coming time,” said An Giang Province’s Chairman Nguyen Thanh Binh.

Truc Bach Long Bridge at Tra Su cajuput forest.

Since the presence of strategic investors, Tinh Bien has seen tremendous improvements in all aspects such as economy, service and national defense. They have brought new vitality to the district and greatly contributed to the society, with numerous projects and beauty spots such as the solar power plant, Tra Su cajuput forest, Nui Cam tourist site and An Hao mineral water plant being developed.

Tinh Bien has seen a sustainable outlook thanks to better business environment. An Giang Province has been listed among top localities for provincial competitiveness index in Vietnam. In the future, That Son will become a touristic icon of An Giang in which all localities are destinations for tourism, real estate and urban investors. SGT