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A national cadres conference was organized recently to discuss policies on socio-economic development of the Mekong Delta by 2030, with a vision towards 2045.

Int’l financial institutions commit to financing US$2.2 bln for Mekong Delta

Six international financial institutions have committed to financing US$2.2 billion in ODA and preferential loans for 20 sustainable development projects in the Mekong Delta in adaption to climate change during 2021-2025.

PM issues action plan on Mekong Delta development

The Mekong Delta region is expected to develop agricultural centres in association with specialised farming zones and urban areas.

Mekong Delta eyes rapid development of renewable energy

The Mekong Delta will need to optimise its natural conditions to develop renewable energy and attract investment in the sector to mitigate the impacts of climate change, experts have said.

Mekong Delta farmers back away from rice as input costs rise

Rice farmers in many Mekong Delta provinces are reducing rice cultivation over rising prices of inputs like fertilisersnbsp;and pesticides.

Agri-tourism: Mekong Delta targets two birds with one stone

Ecotourism, especially agri-tourism will be a dominant trend as the Mekong Delta strives to develop its tourism industry, experts say.

Preserving the Mekong Delta's floating markets

The Mekong Delta's famed floating markets, where speciality products are sold on boats, provide a unique environment thatnbsp;is popular amongnbsp;both local and foreign visitors.

Raising the ‘Mekong river monster’, farmer pockets billions of dong

Ho fish (Catlocarpio siamensis), called the ‘Mekong river monster’, are being raised by farmers in cages on rivers in Vietnam.

Eastern Mekong Delta enjoys tourism boom

Since early 2022, provinces within the tourism development cooperation cluster in the Eastern Mekong Delta have been welcoming increasing numbers of visitors as the nation shifts to safely adapts to the COVID-19 epidemic.

Transport infrastructure key to Mekong Delta’s economic growth

A vast major economic zone covering 40,400, the Mekong Delta boasts abundant advantages in agricultural production and investment attraction across a variety of fields.

Snake farm in Mekong Delta sells venom to make serum

A farm in the Mekong Delta that raises a high number of poisonous snakes, from Ophiophagus Hannah to Plagiopholis and Bungarus fasciatus, sells snake venom to make serum which can save people.

Mekong plan outlines path to security

The Mekong Delta is stagnating on the back of poor frameworks and infrastructural gaps – flaws that are hoped to be remedied with a new 2021-2030 masterplan, driving regional socioeconomic growth.

Farmer in Mekong Delta bottle-feeds fish

A man in Mekong Delta owns thousands of fish that can be bottle-fed and eat feed ashore.

‘Smiles return’ at floating markets after social-distancing period

Photographer Gian Thanh Son took a special trip to the Mekong Delta in mid-February after the lunar New Year 2022. 

Southern city acquaints visitors with traditional art forms

A programme to entertain tourists with several genres of traditional music like tai tu, vong co and cai luong has been launched in Can Tho City.

Ministry urges 'green' waterway passage for rice from Mekong Delta

Most rice production and processing plants are located on riversides, and as a result, about 95 percent of rice produced in the Delta is carried by water.

Measures for helping Mekong Delta farmers break the stranglehold of rice paddy

According to Prof. Vo Tong Xuan, honorary rector of Nam Can Tho University, to spur the Mekong Delta's development, the  Government should implement the regional planning in a concrete way in line with natural conditions.


Tan Lap floating village – attractive destination in Long An

Tan Lap floating village, located in Long An province, was formerly a land flooded all year round. People built houses on high mounds to cope with the flooding.

Rice-shrimp production has good harvest, high prices

Farmers in the Ca Mau peninsula are delighted as they enjoy a bumper rice crop on shrimp farming land.

Gold, US dollar smuggling produces a stir in Mekong Delta

A series of big gold and US dollar smuggling cases with a high number of involved subjects are under investigation.