At the talks.

On September 19, the delegation of Lao Cai city, Lao Cai province (Vietnam) and the delegation of the People's Government of Hekou district, Yunnan province (China) met to discuss the supervision of a border river embankment building project.

The delegation of Hekou district was led by Ms. Tong Wu Dao, member of the Party Standing Committee, Deputy Head of the People's Government of Hekou District, Yunnan Province (China). The Lao Cai City delegation was led by Mr. Ngo Vu Quoc, Vice Chairman of the Lao Cai City People's Committee.

The two delegations conducted a field survey of the border river embankment project on the Vietnamese side, the border area from mark 104 (2) + 500 to mark 104 (2) + 3,800m, with a total length of 1,755 meters, including 4 sections. On the Chinese side, the project is implemented in the area from mark 103 (1) +160m to mark 103 (1) +850, with a total length of 690 meters, including 3 sections.

The two sides agreed on the center of the embankment and the location of the project, which can be carried out according to regulations.

During the construction process, the two sides are responsible for inspecting and supervising the constructor in strictly implementing the provisions of the "Agreement on Regulations on Management of Vietnam-China Land Border"; ratification results of the joint committee and other relevant regulations; ensuring the construction of an embankment along the river bank on their sides, the outer edge of the embankment to not occupy the border river bed, not change the flow direction, not affect the flood drainage surface, the direction of the border; not dumping soil, rock, or construction waste into border rivers, causing environmental pollution.

They also agreed that the embankments of the two sides need to be smoothed to ensure aesthetics; it is necessary to build a cofferdam, the boundary of the cofferdam must not exceed the border of the two countries, not affecting the flood drainage surface and direction of the border and the stability of the border river banks of the two sides; after the project is completed, the two sides need to promptly remove the cofferdam, clear the river, and restore the original state of their border river.