VietNamNet Bridge – The Russian State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM has been selected as the technology provider for Vietnam’s Ninh Thuan 1 Nuclear Power Plant. In an interview with the Vietnam Economic News Online, Director of Investment Programs at Rosatom S. A. Boyarkin said Generation III+ nuclear reactor was the leading safety technology.

* Could you tell us more about Generation III+ nuclear reactor?

The Ninh Thuan 1 Nuclear Power Plant will be applied Pressurized Water Reactor (VVER). In case of troubles, radioactive substances and radioactive waste will be kept and completely isolated within the secure area. Barriers to prevent radioactive substances will also be arranged around the plant, contributing to ensuring the safety.





The nuclear power plant will be built with a series of active and passive safety programs and systems. The passive safety system can operate without the support of external voltage. This system works on the principles of gravity and heat exchange. Operators cannot intervene to turn on or off the system.

The nuclear power plant will also be applied the system to isolate molten substances (core catching). This system was not applied in nuclear power plants in France and the US. With the assembly and operation of core catching, molten substances cannot go beyond the scope of radioactive reactor. Core catching was recognised as the safest system in the world by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

* Which nuclear power plants were applied core catching?

Rosatom began to apply this system in nuclear power plants in China in 2005. In addition, we have assembled, constructed and put into operation some nuclear power plants in Russia in recent times. Moreover, Rosatom will assemble this system in the Baltic Nuclear Power Plant in Saint Petersburg and put it into operation in 2016-2017.

* The public pays special attention to safe issues in nuclear power plants. What activities will be implemented to ensure the safety for the Ninh Thuan 1 Nuclear Power Plant?

Rosatom completed documents to evaluate the safety of the construction site of the Ninh Thuan 1 Nuclear Power Plant. In addition, field work and pre-feasibility report before construction are proceeding according to schedule to ensure safe conditions for the plant.

Legal documents to ensure the safety in the construction of Vietnam’s Ninh Thuan 1 Nuclear Power Plant has been considered and adopted by the Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety under the Ministry of Science and Technology. The two governments are also coordinating to construct the centre for nuclear science and technology.

Rosatom will support Vietnam during the operation and help improve necessary technology. After the operational cycle, used fuel rods will be left in Vietnam for three years and then moved back to Russia. It is the comprehensive support of Russia in the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Vietnam.

* Could you tell use more about Russian-Vietnamese cooperation in the preparation of human resources?

To construct and operate the Ninh Thuan 1 Nuclear Power Plant, it is necessary to have about 1,500 people, including 300 workers, 700 engineers, 300 employees in the monitoring units, experts from the Vietnam Electricity and staff from relevant ministries and departments.

To support Vietnam in the preparation of human resources, the Russian government will train about 100 Vietnamese students every year at universities specialising in nuclear power in the fields of operation, construction and supervision. In addition, Vietnamese experts from ministries, departments, research institutes and universities will be supported to participate in training courses at experimental centres in Russia. In the next 10 years, Vietnam will surely have enough human resources to operate the Ninh Thuan 1 Nuclear Power Plant.

Source: Vietnam Plus