A view of Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi. — Photo chinhphu.vn

The directive highlighted the case of four airline staff who were caught allegedly smuggling drugs that caused wide public attention recently.

These allegations, according to the CAAV, have damaged the image and reputation of the national airline, as well as posing potential threats to aviation safety and security.

The case also showed how the previous directive on smuggling prevention had not been taken effectively by airlines.

Through the directive, CAAV commanded related units, businesses and individuals to take responsibility and discipline if needed those who don't follow the directive.

The authority also asked aviation enterprises to actively strengthen internal security control for aviation employees; raising their awareness of the safety-security aviation culture, as well as the harm to the image of the country and the business from actions to violate the law.

Airports are ordered to strengthen control of people and objects carried to the restricted area, and resolutely handle cases of entering restricted areas for improper purposes and transporting objects that are not on the registered list.

The administration also asked enterprises to enhance inspecting of cabin crews’ baggage before and after flights, strictly handle it according to regulations, following the principles of “resolute, persistent, regular and no restriction zone”. VNS