Localities have various ways to attract talents ảnh 1 Graduates of the Vietnam National University in HCMC

The project proposes seven major solutions to attract talents, and all 7 solutions must be implemented synchronously to achieve success in addition to reforms of salary policy so that the public-private sectors have similarities according to the Party's resolutions.

Lately, Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi has directly recruited about 200 valedictorian graduates from universities and colleges to work in state agencies, units, and organizations in the city.

After being recruited, these talents are supported once with 20 months of minimum salary; plus, after two years of working, they will receive further training at educational institutions locally or abroad and they will receive financial support for courses but must also commit to working for the city in seven years.

Mr. Vu Duc Bao, Head of the Organizing Committee of the Hanoi City Party Committee, said that Hanoi is listening to opinions for developing new policies to attract and use high-quality human resources.

Policy-makers of the capital city have been thinking to give increased support to excellent university graduates around 80-100 times the base salary as well as reduce the work commitment to at least 5 years upon completion of a course dispatched by the city.

Elsewhere in the country, the Southern Province of Binh Duong has adopted a policy to attract good university graduates.

According to the province’s policy of attracting and supporting training and fostering to improve the quality of human resources issued in 2019, talents agreeing to work in state agencies and organizations will receive maximum training support of VND4.5 million /person/month if studying in Hanoi and VND3 million/person/month if studying in another province.

Particularly, the province will have specific support for medical workers. For instance, the province will give VND60 million to those who write Ph.D. dissertations.

People with PhDs, specialists, and resident doctors after being recruited will get an incentive of up to VND 600 million.

From 2018 to June 2022, the province attracted 78 people including 35 general and specialized doctors, and 27 Ph.D. doctors, mainly working at high schools, public healthcare facilities and Thu Dau Mot University.

Meanwhile, the Central City of Da Nang is a leading locality when implementing policies to attract talents since 2015.

Those who signed long-term work are entitled to initial support funding with the support level from 80-280 times of basic salary.

Last but not least, people who will work on a long-term contract will be given priority to consider renting an apartment or be eligible for 10-15 year loans to buy social housing according to regulations.

More than 100 people after three years of work were sent to local educational institutions or abroad for continued studies under high-quality human resource development projects.

Vice Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Tuan Thanh said that in early August 2022, the province issued a decision on policies to attract talents in many fields comprising commits to one-time cash support from VND 150 million-VND400 million depending on rank and requirements.

In addition, the province also provides one-time support of VND 200 million-VND400 million to buy houses or land or monthly support of VND 3 million each person for renting a house.

Source: SGGP