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HCM City has issued a Resolution on the income level of experts and scientists for the fields the city needs to attract talents in the 2018-2022 period.

HCM City to recruit key officers through exams

The city’s Vice Chair Vo Van Hoan has signed a decision on organizing exams to select leaders and managerial officers for local public agencies.

Ministry examines ways to convince public sector workers not to quit

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA) suggested improvements must be made in the working environment regarding professionalism, modernity, competition, and opportunities for professional development.

Vietnam begins to reduce salary gap between state agencies and private sector

Reforming wage policy for civil servants and public employees is one of the solutions to stop the brain drain from the public to the private sector.

HCM City faces difficulties in talent attraction, retention

After nearly ten years with many policy changes, up to now, the attraction of experts, scientists, and people with special talents to work in the public sector is still a problem that Ho Chi Minh City has not yet had a good solution for it.

Localities have various ways to attract talents

Mr. Nguyen Tuan Ninh, Head of the Cadres and Civil Servants Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs, said that the Department has developed a strategic project to attract talents and submit it to Ministry's leaders for consideration.

Salaries of state officers equal to that of unskilled workers

Carrying out wage reform is one of the urgent solutions National Assembly Deputy Ta Thi Yen has proposed to retain staff amid the mass departure of state officers for the private sector.

Resignations of state officers in HCM City causes headaches for agencies

In the last two years, more than eight state officers in HCM City resigned each day, which was unprecedented in the city where many benefits are offered to civil servants and public employees.

Why are thousands of public employees taking private-sector jobs?

Many public employees have recently quit their jobs and taken a job in the private sector. This indicates that the public sector is not attractive and that many problems need to be addressed.

Family hospitalised after eating python

Several family members in the Central Highlands province of Dac Lak were recently hospitalised in critical condition after suspectedly eating a python and drinking wine mixed with its blood.

Streamlining the public sector

 VietNamNet Bridge – Moves to downsize the public sector is a move that deserves attention, labour expert Dr Nguyen Huu Dung tells the Khoa hoc and Doi song (Science and Life) newspaper.