'Longan cake' is a special cake made by local residents of Hai Hau borough. People call it “longan cake” not because it is made from longan, but because the shape and skin looks like one.


The recipe is very simple, but its flavor and taste is outstanding and unforgettable.

The cake is made from glutinous rice powder mixed with chicken eggs, pork lard and sugar. This mixture is rolled into balls that resemble longan fruit, and then fried in a hot pan. After frying, these dough balls are boiled in sugar water to give the skin its yellow hue.

Longan cake is made in many places in Nam Dinh, but the cakes of Hai Hau are known for a special taste and flavor that no other longan cakes have. The difference comes from using a special kind of rice powder.

In Hai Hau, yellow flowered glutinous rice powder is used, and this rice is famous around Vietnam for its unique flavors. Therefore the cakes in Hai Hau are more fragrant and delicious than those of other places.