Coming to this peaceful place, tourists can visit majestic mountains surrounding Tra Su cajuput forest.

With its beauty, Tra Su is considered a paradise on Earth which bears the quintessence of the nature like in legends. In the morning, when sunlight glitters on buds and dewdrops from the previous night remain on leaves, Tra Su wakes up with its marvel.

Hundreds of doves surround tourists.

Garden of Eden

Dreams are just moments that come and leave quickly. It is more wonderful to experience the beautiful world as people can not only travel but also experience the real life. Therefore, writer Ray Bradbury has once said, “See the world. It's more fantastic than any dream.” The scene that thousands of friendly doves surrounding tourists and singing songs of welcome is not much different from the scene in the Piazza del Duomo square, the heart of Italy’s Milan City. During an adventure to Tra Su cajuput forest, tourists can have new experiences, live in a green space and enjoy a poetic landscape.

Nothing is greater than ignoring a hustle and bustle life, freeing one’s soul to dinghies drifting on the water surface and enjoying the cool atmosphere in the shadow of cajuput trees. Branches of cajuput trees make it like a dome while the water surface is blanketed with enormous emerald-green duckweed, giving visitors a feeling that they are embraced by the nature and relieved by love songs created by multiple kinds of birds. Such sound will help visitors relax.

International tourists prefer exploring Tra Su cajuput forest in summer.

Weaving through ancient cajuput trees, tourists can explore the beauty of Tra Su cajuput forest. Crossing a bamboo bridge in the forest, tourists will see white cajuput flowers with a delicate scent. Cajuput flowers are a symbol for farmers in the south who are strong and unyielding to overcome challenges of life.

Tourists may luckily come across fiery storks roaming in water or birds’ nests on cajuput branches. Clusters of pink lotus and red bougainvillea glabra, or paperflowers, and branches of yellow common sesban make the forest more beautiful and marvelous. The sky and ground in Tra Su cajuput forest seem to blend together in a frame fringed with sunlight, which is a wonderful background for visitors to take photos like in Europe.

Vietnamese people travel Vietnam

After the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has launched the “Vietnamese people travel Vietnam” program. The number of local tourists has surged, sending out positive signals for the recovery of the tourism sector.

Conducting the program with a sense of responsibility, An Giang Tourimex, a subsidiary of Sao Mai Group, has improved its services and invested in facilities of Tra Su cajuput forest, an ecotourism site, including the bamboo bridge, which is the longest of its kind in Vietnam; two stilt houses, towers with hundreds of doves at a wooden wharf, a bird-watching yard, a flower park and Tra Su hanging garden. The investor has also release more than 50 tons of freshwater fish to diversify the aquatic resources in the region.

More than 50 tons of freshwater fish is released to diversify the aquatic resources in the forest.

Visiting Tra Su cajuput forest at any time, tourists can enjoy natural love songs. The summer travel season is coming and the cajuput forest is expected to be an ideal destination giving an impulse to the tourism sector after the pandemic. SGT


Lam Ngoc