The Hanoi 1010 Cultural Exchange Space and MyHanoi organised a workshop on Vietnamese traditional Mid-Autumn toys on September 9th.


It provided a glimpse of this upcoming festival’s culture but also gave attendees a chance to make their own toys under the guidance of artisans.

The Hanoi 1010 Cultural Exchange Space at 32 Vong Thi street, Buoi Ward, Tay Ho Dist, Hanoi was packed with parents and their children and many students, who were there to learn to make traditional Mid-Autumn toys with artisans. This workshop was hosted by My Hanoi. 

Nguyen Thuy Hang from My Hanoi said, “My Hanoi organized this workshop as the opening event for a series of events celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival in September. The aim of this workshop is to preserve this ancient Vietnamese craft in the hope that traditional Mid-Autumn toys will not be replaced by imported toys and that the festival’s spirit will be kept alive.”

making mid-autumn traditional toys with artisans hinh 1

Workshop participants will get hands-on experience making their own lanterns and paper masks under the guidance of two guest artisans - Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyen from Van Canh village, Hoai Duc, and Mr. Nguyen Van Hoa, the only paper mask maker in the old quarter. 

Attendee Le Thi Phuong Thao said, “Traditional festivals like the Mid-autumn Festival should be preserved. With the rapid development of society, the toy market has shifted drastically towards modern toys so that a workshop like this is very meaningful and practical for the children. This event teaches people, especially children about making the beloved traditional Mid-autumn festival toys and their history.”

Two artisans showed attendees step by step how to make traditional paper masks, paper doctors, tin boats, star-shaped lanterns and lion heads.

making mid-autumn traditional toys with artisans hinh 2

The children followed the instructions of the artisans to make their own toys.

Nguyen Dang Quan from Hanoi said, “Making the paper doctor’s body part was the hardest, but I was instructed slowly and patiently by the artisans until finally, I could make my own paper doctor. I also learned a lot about the meaning of these traditional toys.”

Mrs Do Anh Phuong, who came to the workshop with her 8-year-old daughter, said, “My daughter was very excited with this workshop where she can learn to make traditional toys herself such as paper masks, paper doctors, tin boats, star-shaped lanterns. I hope that this workshop will be held annually.”